Answers to Your Most Unusual Bee Questions

queen bee and other bees

If you are interested in bees, you probably want to know everything you can about the species. Naturally, some unusual bee questions will come to mind, such as “do bees still forage when it’s raining” or “do bees hear like humans do?” There is always something new and fascinating to learn about honey bees. A…

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5 Common Questions About Bumble Bees 

bumble bee

  When it comes to bees, there’s nothing cuter than a bumble bee. Their pudgy, furry little bodies buzz from flower to flower. For many people, the sound brings back memories of the warm summers of their childhoods. Bumble bees have some unique properties that set them apart from honey bees, even though both are…

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5 Things You Should Know About Bees

bee removal in san diego

We get a lot of questions about bees from customers while we are performing live bee removal services. Every once in a while we like to take the most common questions and post them up to our blog to help share information with others who might be curious about honey bees too. Here are 5…

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Interesting Bee Facts To Share

bee on white flower

There are so many fascinating facts about honey bees and honey. It’s fun to learn honey bee trivia because it gives us more insight into the fascinating creature and their role in our world. Plus, it’s always great to throw out honey bee facts at a party! Are you itching for some honey bee trivia?…

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Bees 101: Learn the Basics About Bees

honey bees

How much do you know about bees? If your answer was “not much,” this is the article for you. We will cover bee anatomy, behavior and life cycle as well as share some facts about conservation. By the end of this article, you will become the bee expert you’ve always wanted to be… or at…

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