bee swarm

However, we understand why customers ask the question. Honey bees are often in the news as a declining species that faces some serious challenges such as loss of habitat, pests, pesticides and colony collapse disorder. It would seem that beekeepers would be happy to take your bees for the chance to add them to their hives, harvest the honey, study bee behavior and protect the local bee population. 

While there are beekeepers that will relocate your bees, beekeepers are not the same as bee removal experts. Bee removal and relocation experts have a unique set of skills and knowledge that help you rid your home of a bee problem. At the same time, they help bees continue to live and thrive in a new home. 

So, why do bee removal companies charge for their bee relocation services? Why does it cost money to remove such a valuable resource? 

Why Bee Relocation Services Aren’t Free 

Reason 1. It requires skill, equipment and advanced knowledge. 

There’s a reason that professional bee removal companies exist. The job cannot be properly done by just anyone. The best bee removal companies have technicians with years of experience and extensive knowledge about bee behavior. They have state-of-the-art equipment that allows them to safely and humanely remove bees without harming them. Plus, they understand honey bee biology and behavior. Novice or “free” bee removal may not understand that bees are attracted to the scent of honeycomb. Any leftover after a removal and relocation can attract more bees to the area in the future.  

Reason 2. It’s often more than just removal and relocation. 

Professional live bee removal companies do so much more than just remove and relocate bees. At D-Tek Live Bee Removal, we also perform bee removal repair and bee proofing services so you don’t have to worry about finding another company – and paying an arm and a leg for it. We can expertly repair any structural damage caused by bees or the removal process. A reputable company will also take steps to ensure that you don’t have to worry about another infestation in the same place in the future, by thoroughly bee proofing your home. 

Reason 3. It costs money to operate a business. 

A good bee removal company has operating costs. Equipment, travel expenses, training, licenses and insurance are just some of the costs that bee removal companies incur everyday they are in business. The services themselves can take hours and require building and bee proofing supplies such as sealants, drywall, stucco and roofing. The process of rehoming the honey bees also adds to the costs for your typical bee removal and relocation company. 

Reason 4. It can be a very dangerous job.

As you can probably imagine, bee removal can be dangerous and challenging. Bee swarms and hives can attack when they feel provoked, making the process of removal a risky task. While a few bee stings might simply be unpleasant, repeated stings can cause serious health consequences and even death. Another factor to consider is that bees rarely build their nests in easy-to-access locations. Bee removal technicians often need to access tall trees, attics or roofs and navigate in small spaces to remove bees. 

If you need bee removal services, you want it done right. Providers who offer free removal may not have the proper experience and equipment to completely remove the bees and keep them alive and well. Or, they may not have the proper licenses and insurance to keep you protected. 

Before agreeing to have any company remove the bees from your San Diego property, be sure to have a consultation. Inquire about their experience and credentials and ask for testimonials from past clients. It is better to pay to have a professional take care of your bee infestation the right way, than to suffer the hassle of a recurring bee problem or damage to your home or property. 

Do you need a professional, affordable and reliable bee removal and relocation company in San Diego? Contact D-Tek Live Bee Removal today to schedule a consultation and to get a custom quote.