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The historical and tree-lined streets of Hillcrest offer residents and visitors canyon and hiking trails, along with many other outdoor activities. With so much open space and natural habitats, Hillcrest property owners know who to call when facing bee concerns. For the last 17 years, D-Tek has consistently provided excellent service to residents and business owners in the beautiful community of Hillcrest. Southern California’s warm climate and low rainfall keep the area busy with pollination and busy with wildlife. Since the natural beauty and outdoor activity options are something Hillcrest families enjoy, when swarming or beehives become a problem, Hillcrest customers know they can depend on D-Tek.

D-Tek’s Commitment to Excellence

D-Tek’s experience and commitment to treating bees humanely during removal, transport, and relocation is a high priority. It is critical to have professionals like D-Tek, address bee concerns. Bees can be aggressive when protecting their hive and queen, and multiple stings can have serious consequences. D-Tek wants to keep the people in Hillcrest safe, so they are the first and only call to make when there is a bee problem. A qualified bee technician will come out to Hillcrest for a thorough inspection. The inspection process allows our experts to determine if the threat is a swarm or hive and identify the best and least invasive way to access the hive.

Calling on Experts to Help with Hillcrest Bee Problems

As soon as unusual bee activity is noticed, it is best to have a professional bee technician come out to assess the situation. Increasing bee activity can quickly become a problem if addressed after some time, and D-Tek has the fastest response times of any bee removal company. Hillcrest customers know they can rely on D-Tek to do the job right and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Contact D-Tek immediately if you have a bee problem or concern. Our extensive experience working in San Diego County makes us the area's most qualified bee removal company. D-Tek is rated #1 in Hillcrest because we are the only full-service bee removal company that does any repairs on the same day.

If you suspect increasing bee activity on your property indicates a hive exists, having a professional bee removal company like D-Tek come out the same day and do a full assessment is best. Bee infestations, when left without being addressed, become problematic quickly, and the longer you wait, the larger the hive becomes, and more invasive removal is required.

Hillcrest’s Only Full-Service Bee Removal Company

Home and business owners depend on all D-Tek bee technicians' availability, affordability, and professionalism. D-Tek can identify and remove active hives while keeping people and bees safe. Our experts are not only bee experts but skilled in construction and repair work. Our full service makes us the best choice for bee removal service. Hillcrest customers won't worry about any damage being fixed because that is exclusive to D-Tek’s full-service guarantee.

D-Tek’s Full-Service Excellence:

  • Bee proofing before and after hive removal.
  • Complete hive and honeycomb removal.
  • Humane removal of live bees.
  • Rehoming of bees to the local apiary.
  • Professional repair work to customer satisfaction.

D-Tek’s extensive experience in bee removal and relocation ensures they have the equipment, tools, and knowledge to address any bee concerns the same day they come for service. There is no bee problem D-Tek can’t resolve.

Bee Experts From D-Tek Help Hillcrest Customers

D-Tek’s highly trained bee technicians are experts at detection, removal, relocation, and repairs. Knowing bees and their behaviors helps our technicians locate spots where bees may access a new hive location. Many people do not realize that the tiniest hole can lead to big problems. Bee-proofing is another service D-Tek offers, so if you want to be proactive about protecting your Hillcrest property, call D-Tek today.

If a hive is found on your property, D-Tek is prepared to act and remove the beehive and honeycomb entirely. If remnants remain, the honeycomb may rot and attract other pests, or bees may return due to their uncanny sense of smell. D-Tek ensures the hive and honeycombs are removed entirely.

In cases where a hive exists behind a wall, in the attic, or roof, our technicians are skilled in repair work, so when the hive is gone, there is no hole in your wall where other problems may occur later. Only D-Tek bee technicians are trained and experienced in construction and repair work. D-Tek never leaves Hillcrest customers in the lurch and returns things to normal after an invasive removal.

Get help with your beehive or bee swarm removal! Call Today 760-224-3040 Or 951-265-8292!

bee swarm around palmHumane Live Bee Removal in Hillcrest

Honeybees are declining, and California has a recent legislature that protects several species. D-Tek's experience ensures that bees are removed humanely and safely relocated. A pest control company will just kill the bees, which hurts the environment and may adversely affect people and pets.

If you are facing a bee concern, or suspect a hive on your property, save yourself time and make the one call that will bring your stress to an end. D-Tek is the only Hillcrest provider for excellent full-service bee removal. Call anytime for a free inspection and quote at 760-224-3040.