Bee Removal FAQs

Looking for answers to your bee removal questions? Read our FAQ's below for the information you're searching for.

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On average we usually remove between 20-40 pounds worth of hive during spring and summer time. During the colder months the hive weight usually goes down because the bees have been eating the honey that they stored up over the spring and summer. If a hive is left alone for a year or more it is not uncommon for them to be over 100 pounds if they are removed during the summer.

They usually start building a hive within 3 days of showing up. Within a week they can build a couple pieces the size of your hand. It could be more depending on the size of the bee swarm.

Yes they can and quite significantly. The honey can seep through drywall, stucco, wood etc. This is why it is very important to remove all of the honeycomb during a live removal. Once the bees are not around to tend the hive honey will start to melt out and can cause quite a bit of damage to walls, stucco, and siding.

Sometimes they will just move on within 72 hours. Bees prefer to be protected from the elements so a tree usually is not ideal. However they will build in trees from time to time. Once the bees start establishing a hive on the tree they are usually there to stay.

Yes we only perform live removals without the use of pesticides.