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I’m Dave and I’m the proud owner of D-Tek. I am proud to present our line of raw honey and bee pollen, beeswax and beehive products and services that can be accessed right here in the Greater San Diego & Orange County areas.

D-Tek is a locally owned and operated local business with 15+ years of experience under our belts. We take pride in bringing our clients and customers the very best in humane bee removal, property repairs after bee removal and now in providing you with high quality natural bee products that are harvested from our own apiary.

We ship our products daily to US locations only. Orders will be shipped out no more than 24 hours after you place an order. Shipping costs will be based on where you are located.

Everything we sell is 100% natural, right-off-the-farm products and we are really proud of that. Guaranteed.

We also offer beehive rental services for hobbyists and farmers who have seasonal pollination needs. Check out detailed descriptions of all our products and services below.

Feel free to contact us at 760-224-3040 if you have any further questions about the products and services we offer.


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