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Dave was awesome! He was able to come out the same day I called him to check the beehive in the eaves of my roof. He assessed the problem and quoted me a very reasonable price. He was back at my place the next morning at sunrise to deal with the beehive. He was very personable and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him and would use him again. But I hope I don’t have to. 😊read more
Ann H
Ann H
19:41 27 Mar 18
We had a large hive in the wall of our master bedroom. Donning his bee suit, Dave went straight to work -- cutting a hole in the drywall, extracting the bees, cleaning out the hive and sealing the holes where the bees were coming in. Then he neatly closed up the hole, drywalled and even matched the paint exactly. You can't even see where the hole was. The cost was reasonable and the service was very quick. But the best part is Dave cares about the bees and relocates them to the hives of local beekeepers. Other bee removal companies may say they are removing when they are really exterminating. The D-Tek social media is full of interesting facts about bees, and the website is very informative. Highly more
Beth Escott Newcomer
Beth Escott Newcomer
17:47 22 Jul 17
Had a wonderful experience with D-Tek! Dave was awesome and very personable. He was able to come out right away and got rid of our bees efficiently for a very really good price. He texted photos of the hive in the wall during the removal process and then showed it to us once it was safely extracted. Would highly recommend!read more
Chris Mizerak
Chris Mizerak
22:56 13 Sep 17
After several very stressful hours yesterday killing 20+ bees that had entered my house through our chimney, I placed a called Dave around 5:45 p.m. PT, requesting an appointment for the next day. He clearly sensed my panic since I have a young child and could tell I was distraught over how I was going to keep them out of the house. Out of the blue, he offered to come to the house immediately! Not only was Dave totally knowledgeable and explained these were just "scouts" looking for a new place to settle and build, but he managed to calm me way down. However the icing on the cake was that he REFUSED to invoice me because there was no sign of a hive yet. Being a business owner myself, I cannot tell you how admirable it is to meet another businessperson with such tremendous integrity. Dave will be our go-to-guy for all our "bee needs" and I will recommend him to anyone and everyone who will listen!read more
Laurie Fodor-Harness
Laurie Fodor-Harness
03:47 22 Apr 17
I called several places for prices, and Dave was one of the most honest, fairly prices, and genuine guys around. I highly recommend him!
Zohra F
Zohra F
21:39 01 Apr 17
I noticed we had some bees hanging out on our back building. I made a few calls and Dave was the only 1 out of 5 companies who came prepared with the right tools to give an estimate the same day. There was no waiting around to hear back from someone else or waiting for an email quote. I needed the work done asap. He was able to schedule a time with me and get it taken care of in three days. I was surprised to learn he actually relocated the bees to a bee keeper. I was also pleased with the repairs that took place after he removed them, my wall and awning look great. I couldn't believe how big the hive actually was, and Dave was more than happy to walk me through each step of what he was doing. When i had a small cluster appear he happily came and removed them too. I could ask for better service and am more than happy to recommend D-Tek live removal to anyone. A great experience ll the way more
Ashley Capra
Ashley Capra
21:33 14 Jun 18
Dave came to the house when he said, reviewed the problem, scheduled when he would come back and do the work at a safer time a day, and completed it quickly. Very pleasant guy. Explained in detail what was happening and what he was going to have to do to get rid of the bees. Will use him again and will refer him to other. Thanks David!read more
Theresa Collins
Theresa Collins
00:51 16 Jun 18
Bees decided to make a home in the eves of a retail building I manage. Dave was very accommodating in going in after business hours. Well, WAY before business hours so that people enjoying a nice stroll along the sidewalk wouldn't be inconvenienced and so the store owner could open and not lose any business. He also sent photos as the work progressed.If I have any more bees, D-Tek is who I will be more
Joey MacDonald
Joey MacDonald
19:29 28 Jun 18
I called for bee removal for a construction site, Dave was extremely informative and indicated he would be able to get all of the bees if he came early in the morning the next day while they aren't out and about. He still offered to arrive in the afternoon the same day I called, should there be an imminent hazard from the bees. Dave arrived and relocated the bees without any issues and at a reasonable price. If I run into bees again at my project sites, I will be giving him a call. Thanks again for your more
Landon Beaulieu
Landon Beaulieu
23:40 13 Sep 18
D-Tek Live Bee Removal provided an above and beyond experience! Everything from the inspection, followed by a thorough explanation of services needed, and up to the quick removal and preventative work performed. It was a very easy process with great customer service that I would recommend to everyone. Thanks again!read more
manuel baza
manuel baza
07:03 30 Aug 18
Dave was quick to come in and out and remove the bees out of our hillside brush within 48 hours of inquiring about his service. He even removed and disposed of the tire they had took refuge in. He was also nice enough to leave a couple pieces of the comb per the kids request to take to show and tell, and provided us with up close pictures of his discovery. We will definitely call Dave again should we acquire anymore unwanted residents. Thanks Dave!read more
Amber McQuail
Amber McQuail
17:04 31 Jan 19
Dave was not only prompt but explained the work he was going to do, the types of bees we had and expertly removed them. The area our hive was located was not easy to access, in a hill and buried in brush, but he removed them with no problem or hassles!! Would highly recommend his more
William McQuail
William McQuail
00:40 01 Feb 19
Spring is here and so are the bees! Dave was amazing! He called me right back and Came to take care of the Bee situation immediately. Super knowledgeable, and I felt good that they would just be moved and not killed. He was so helpful when I called back because of a repeat bee invasion in our more
Nicolina Ramirez
Nicolina Ramirez
22:34 14 Mar 19
Very efficient! Came out same day, explained everything and finished the job right on the spot! Very reasonably priced.
sameera tooraji
sameera tooraji
00:55 20 Mar 19
They offer a good friendly service quick and give you answers to all your questions
Carolina Arteaga
Carolina Arteaga
18:03 10 Jul 19
bee removal in san diego

Live Bee Removal

Give the bees a chance. Opt for Live Bee Removal instead of Pest Control that kills the bees.

Bee Hive Removal

We will remove bee hives from your property or business and save the bees at the same time.

Bee Removal Repair

Bees can cause structural damage. We perform bee removal repairs that will look like the bees were never there.

Your San Diego County Bee Removal Experts!

At D-Tek Live Bee Removal we specialize in safe, organic methods of getting rid of your beehive problem. Unlike hiring a pest control company, we do not use any pesticides during our live bee removal process. Our objective is to provide professional and superior bee control, bee removal and bee removal repairs at an affordable cost to residential, commercial, and government locations in San Diego County.

D-Tek Live Bee Removal is fully insured for your security and peace of mind. We have been providing bee related services for over 17 years in San Diego.

Specializing in Complex Hive Removal

We specialize in tough-to-remove hives, whether they are located in structural walls, vent boxes, or 20 feet high in trees on your property. No job is too hard for us to help you address any bee issues you may have.

Do you have bees in your attic, wall, or water valve box? Is there a beehive in a tree or bush on your property?

Contact the San Diego County bee removal professionals at D-Tek Live Bee Removal today! We don’t use extermination methods to rid your property of a pesky or dangerous beehive. Once our trained experts remove the bees alive, they are brought to our local bee farm, where they help pollinate farmland.

Whether you live in Alpine, Bonsall, Carlsbad, Del Mar, El Cajon, San Marcos, Encinitas, Escondido, Rancho Santa Fe or Vista, we provide live bee removal and bee removal repairs to all areas of San Diego and North San Diego County.

We now also cover all of Riverside County, Orange County, Las Vegas, and Maricopa County.

bee swarm removal

Bee Problem? Don't Wait!

We provide free bee removal estimates and inspections.
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Why is Proper Bee Removal Important?

Bees have a very important role in our ecosystem. In fact, they are responsible for approximately 80 percent of the pollination across the world. This means that much of the food that you eat every day, including many popular fruits, nuts, and vegetables are due to the pollination activity of bees. As an active San Diego Beekeeper and Apiary owner, I know the place that honeybees have in our future and how important it is to maintain their populations.

This is why D-Tek Live Bee Removal only uses the most humane, live bee removal methods without the use of any pesticides. After every bee removal is complete, our professionals donate the bees to one of our local beekeepers where the bees can safely continue to thrive and pollinate.

We have multiple beekeepers in San Diego County, Orange County, and Riverside County that we donate our honey bees to after every live bee removal, on top of our own apiary. Our relationships with beekeepers across Southern California allow us to greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to transport the honey bees which is critical to their survival, reducing the chances of the honeybees dehydrating or possibly dying before we are able to drop them off to the beekeeper.

Quality and Professionalism That You Can Trust

Our trained professionals have years of experience in live bee removal and know firsthand how difficult and dangerous it can be! Let the experts at D-Tek Live Bee Removal handle your beehive removal safely, quickly, and affordably.

What Services Does D-Tek Live Bee Removal Provide?

We are a locally-owned and operated bee removal company that offers competitive rates and fast service in removing a beehive from your property. We offer a full-range of bee removal services to meet your needs:

  • Live Bee Removal: We never use any pesticides so you know that our removal methods are not only effective, but safe for you, your family, and your property.
  • Honey Comb Removal: Did you know that bees have an excellent sense of smell? Any bit of beehive that is left behind during removal can continue to attract bees back to your property.
  • Bee Removal Repairs: With over 15 years of experience in construction repair, our expert team can repair any damage to siding, stucco, roofs, or drywall that resulted from the live bee removal process.
  • Bee Proofing: Our expert methods ensure that once the bees are gone, they won’t come back after the live bee removal process is complete.

We also perform wasp removal, hornet removal, and yellow jacket removal!

Seeing the need for more San Diego beekeepers we are proud to announce the addition of beekeeping services available in San Diego County, California.

Same day San Diego County bee removal, San Diego beehive removal service, bee control, and bee removal repairs based on availability.

Call D-Tek Live Bee Removal Anytime Day or Night


Serving all of Southern California, Las Vegas, and Maricopa County

We provide bee hive removal, live bee removal services, bee control and bee removal repair services to:

San Diego, Riverside, Orange County, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Maricopa County.