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Beware of Beehives

There are few things more alarming than unknowingly walking close to an active beehive. Even more shocking is when the hive seems to appear overnight and is in the way of your day-to-day activities. Families, businesses, and property managers run into beehives often in Southern California because of the ideal year-round weather. Although some property owners are diligent about bee-proofing, even the tiniest hole in a structure can be an open invitation. Bees will find the most ideal spot, and, sorry to break it to you, it does not matter to them if it is inconvenient.

When a beehive is discovered, instead of panicking, contact DTek for live bee hive removal. Unlike the competitors, DTek offers complete beehive removal services. The full beehive removal services include safe and local relocation of the hive and its occupants, humane treatment of the bees, and a guarantee to fix any damage done in the process. In some cases, hives need to be removed from trees, play structures, or other locations where the removal can be done non-invasively. However, if they find a nice spot inside a wall, roof, siding, or attic, it may require some initial damage during extraction to remove the beehive completely.

Safe and Professional Beehive Removal

Since bees undeniably play a significant role in California’s agriculture, the way unwanted beehives are removed and relocated is of great importance. Additionally, California continues to pass legislation to protect many bee species. Home and property owners should not have to worry about which bees are which. Instead, it is best to contact a professional bee hive removal company Like Dtek.

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Professional Beehive Removers Determine Swarm or Colony

Swarms are Temporary

Swarming is part of the reproduction process for bees, so it happens more often than people think. However, people mistake temporary swarm locations for a well-established hive. Temporary swarm spots may be in one place for several hours but may remain for several days. Although to the untrained eye, it would be impossible to know the difference, these swarms typically appear on tree branches, fences, the side of a house, or another structure. Swarms are typically not aggressive, so the likelihood of bees in a swarm stinging someone is rare. Still, the buzzing sound and active bees are unsettling. The existence of a comb indicates a swarm or hive, and only someone experienced in beekeeping or beehive removal would be able to tell.

The good news is that professional beehive removal services, Like Dtek, can handle both scenarios successfully.

Honey Bee Colonies Will Defend, and Sting

Colonies of bees indicate an established beehive. It is essential to call a bee hive removal service company immediately when a beehive is discovered. Ignoring it may pose a sting threat to people or pets, and it will grow in size. Colonies may develop in house walls, sheds, and attics. Once a beehive is established inside a structure, handling the situation without a professional bee hive removal service is too risky. An established colony will be significantly larger than a swarm location. Another indication is increased bee activity in and out of a specific spot.

The Complete Beehive Removal Service of DTek

BeeHive RemovalWhen having a beehive removed, it is essential to confirm the full range of services expected. A complete beehive removal will include some level of bee-proofing, a completely transparent process about what will be moved or damaged and how it will be fixed, and debris removed from the property. Additionally, DTek ensures that bees are relocated humanely and locally when possible. Keeping bees in their area has many benefits for local beekeepers and farming. Some insight into bee proofing is also part of DTek’s full beehive removal service. Most people feel empowered knowing they can help minimize the chances of another hive developing on their property.

Upon completion of the beehive removal service, follow-up contact helps ensure no other concerns and confirms bee activity has subsided.

At the end of the day, homeowners, businesses, and property managers want people and pets to be safe, be able to come and go confidently, and not feel fearful. An active beehive can be unnerving for people, even if they do not have a known allergy. Working with DTek guarantees the work is done quickly and safely. Clients will never wonder when their wall will be fixed or if debris will be removed from their property. Clear and open communication is a sign of experience and shows confidence in the quality of work performed in a beehive removal service. Client testimonies tell the story of DTek’s quick response and professional services, and they recommend DTek for beehive removal services throughout Southern California.