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At D-Tek Live Bee Removal, we realize that our fate will be formed by those who are visionaries. During this moment in history, modern environmentalists from all over the earth are realizing the need for research, improving the means to understanding environmental changes, honey bee population and what the bee population demise means to humankind.

We meet many motivated individuals with great visions, unrivaled resolution and an earnest passion to improve our earth for the better. Potential like that should be supported, strengthened, and nurtured till it evolves to transform our society, positively affecting our way of life. At D-Tek Live Bee Removal we want to provide these enterprising individuals with an opportunity to support their aspirations.


If you are a dynamic, enthusiastic, industrious student planning on your undergraduate or graduate degree, produce a 700+ word article describing the challenges we must address in the future to ensure the prosperity of the worldwide bee population and why you think their survival is key to a better future.


D-Tek Live Bee Removal wants to hear your ideas for the preservation of our honey bees and our agricultural future. What ideas are you enthusiastic about? Have you contributed to the survival of honey bees? What concepts will help preserve our honey bee population?

Tell us your thoughts and you may just be the recipient to receive a $1,000 scholarship grant from D-Tek Live Bee Removal.

Application Process

Fill out the form and include your article as an attachment with the title “Preserving Our Future Scholarship Opportunity” and include your name. Include D-Tek Scholarship Essay in the subject of your message and submit. Or you may also email to with the following information:

Name (first and last):
Phone number:
School Email Address (with .edu):
Current school:
Name of the school you’ll be attending
Field of study:
Ingenious article as an attachment (word format or google doc link)

The deadline for submission is August 28, 2022. The students whose articles are chosen will be announced on September 30, 2022. The award recipients must claim the scholarship within two weeks after being contacted. If the initial award recipient does not claim the scholarship the award will be forfeit and we will award it to a different student.

These are annually awarded scholarships. We are eager to learn your plans and your vision!

*All essay submissions become the property of D-Tek Live Bee Removal and may be posted on our blog or external resources.

D- Tek Live Bee Removal is a San Diego Based Beekeeper Apiarist that provides live bee removal services. Whether you have a hive of bees in your wall, roof or pool filter, we can safely remove the bees and relocate them to our Apiary in San Diego County. We provide bee removal repairs to all structures as well as provide bee proofing.

D-Tek will never, sell or share the information you provide to us. The sole purpose of your information is to provide results of the Scholarship award.


Deadline for submission is the end of
August Each Year