#1 Professional Bee Removal Services

Honeybees should be handled with care when removed from your home or business because California has named four bee species as protected, and a violation of this may result in fines. A professional bee removal service ensures you are protected from any mishandling of coveted honeybees. Although honeybees are incredibly valuable to the ecosystem, that does not mean that everybody wants an active hive on their property.

Southern California Humane Bee Removal

bee removalMost people that reach out to a local bee removal service are looking for a humane way to have them removed or to minimize activity in an unwanted location. Bees are free spirits, to say the least, so even though people wish they would be more thoughtful about where they go and when that is not a reality.

Many calls from Southern California residents, from Carlsbad to Orange County, are in response to an upcoming backyard party or an outdoor event where bee activity is a concern. Not only can these needs be last minute, but it is also critical that the removal lasts and bees do not want to return to that spot. Although no bee removal is 100 percent guaranteed (this is impossible without killing the bees), those experienced in the bee removal process take every measure to keep clients happy and bees at bay. Bee removal is one of those things where experience counts.

Wanting to have bees moved away or deterred from an area is not new or anything to be embarrassed about wanting. Discouraging bee activity and moving hives is nothing new for experienced bee removal service companies, who masterfully and humanely remove things that increase bee activity, even active hives.

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California is Bee Heaven

California's weather is ideal for people and, of course, bees. It is one of the few states in our nation that doesn't experience cold weather extremes typically, so bees can enjoy a year-long life of buzzing around. When some states have a break from bee activity, California does not. The warm weather keeps plants, trees, and flowers blooming longer, allowing bees to pollinate for an extended time.

Hives can quickly become larger than manageable, and it is critical to let the experts address any bee activity concerns on a business or residential property. Parks and recreation areas, including hiking and biking trails, also utilize experienced and reputable bee removal services when bee activity is on the rise in an area.

Beekeepers who begin their journey may realize they can’t commit the time necessary to keep hives healthy. If this is you, or you know someone who is struggling to maintain their hives, please call for help. Honeybees will build where they want, so even if you provide them with what you think is an ideal hive, they may choose to make a hive in your home's roofing instead. Only when using a professional bee removal service, can clients be confident that scout bees are least likely to return and re-establish their hive in the same spot.

Reputation and Experience Mean Everything from Bee Removal Companies

Most reputable bee removal services have a process they follow closely to ensure the greatest success when addressing bee removal concerns. The best in the business also understand the urgency of some situations that need immediate attention and respond appropriately. The best bee removal services have the tools on hand to dispatch quickly, safely remove the hive and fix any property damage that was necessary during the removal. Walking around the property can also help clients identify any other vulnerable areas or havens that bees might find attractive for making a hive. Additionally, bee removal services can help identify water or other food sources that may draw bees to the area. If a beekeeper does not provide a water source for their hives, the bees will look for other sources, such as your pool or a bird bath. Bees are experts at surviving and doing whatever it takes to get what they need. So, do not take it personally if bees seem to like your home or business. Instead, be confident that there are affordable solutions to having bees removed.

Most of the time, if a property or business owner works with an incredible bee removal service, they are educated on watching for other spots that may be appealing for bees to make a home. What is called “bee proofing” by an expert bee remover allows people to take that knowledge and protect themselves going forward.

If you find that you need help from a professional for bee removal services, contact a reputable and established bee removal company that can come to your aid quickly and get the job done correctly the first time.