Bee Removal Gallery

Irvine Bee Removal Gallery

Live bee removal in Irvine Orange County CA. This set shows the entire process from start to finish. First is a picture of the bees entering/exiting through the vent holes for the attic. The second pic is my ladder set up with the vacuum next to the vent holes. The third is the attic opened up and the hive exposed. Fourth is all hive cleaned out of the attic. Fifth in this series is after I spray Killz over the area to eliminate the pheromones that the bees leave behind. Sixth is new roof felt installed and the roof waterproofed. Last is the roof tiles put back in place.

Bee Hive Removal Encinitas

This was on the underside of a shed in Encinitas CA. Roughly 90 pounds of hive and honey with 15,000 bees. All the bees that we saved were dropped off to Hive Savers Apiary.

Temecula Bee Hive Removal

Bee Removal from an attic in Temecula CA. It was about 100 degrees outside during this live bee removal. Very docile group of honey bees in this homeowner's attic.

San Diego Live Bee Removal

This live bee removal was in Hillcrest in San Diego CA. You can see the bee vacuum set up. The hive was located in an old unused chimney. 80 pounds of hive and honey. The bees were pretty aggressive on this one.