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Honeycomb in attic in Temecula

The bee removal experts at D-Tek can help!  Call today and schedule your free estimate and inspection.  Our direct line is 760-224-3040.  You can also fill out the contact form and we will be in touch with you ASAP.  Every bee removal we perform always includes the following services

  • Complete removal of all honey comb
  • Humane removal of all honey bees
  • Any repair work that may be needed to your Temecula home or business
  • Guarantee all repairs will be leak free and defect free
  • Our bee proofing and bee control service of entry/exit points
  • Guarantee honey bees will not return

The suggested course of action with every bee removal is the complete removal of all beehive and honeycomb from the structure.  If any beehive/honeycomb is left behind this can lead to multiple problems.  Once the honey bees are no longer there to tend the hive all of the pollen, honey, and wax will melt.  If the beehive was located in the structure of your home it can lead to destroyed or stained drywall, stucco, siding, electrical wiring, etc.  Left over beehive and honeycomb will also attract honey bees back to the same spot for years to come.  Bees have an excellent sense of smell.  Other swarms in the area will easily detect the old beehive in the structure and be drawn right back.  Beehive left in a structure will also attract other common household pests such as ants, mice, rats, etc.

It is often times necessary to cut into a roof, stucco, siding, drywall, etc to completely remove all beehive and honey comb.  With every estimate we provide it always includes any repair work that may be needed to your Temecula home or business.  All of our repairs are guaranteed to be leak free and defect free.  We are fully insured and provide a copy of our insurance with every free estimate and inspection.

Get help with your beehive or bee swarm removal! Call Today 760-224-3040 Or 951-265-8292!

Bee Removal Temecula

Temecula sees its fair share of Africanized bees.  The Africanized Honey Bee appears similar to the Western European Honey Bees we've constantly observed exploring the blossoms in our backyards . They act in a similar fashion, however the Africanized Honey Bee may appear far more defensive of their hive. Africanized bees are more likely to attack a perceived threat and, when they do so, attack relentlessly in larger numbers. Bee removal from your Temecula home is the recommended course of action.

Bee Hive Removal Temecula

If an Africanized bee swarm that has built their hive is left by itself, it is not an immediate danger However, you should never attempt to destroy the bee hive or remove it yourself.  You should make every effort to stay out of the immediate area until you can call a professional bee removal expert. Take precautions to close up your home and stay indoors. If you cannot avoid the beehive, you should contact D-Tek Live Bee removal to take care of your bee problem at your Temecula residence.

D-Tek Live Bee Removal has extensive experience dealing Africanized bees and honey bees in the city of Temecula. Give us a call today to assist you with your bee removal situation.