Do You Have a San Diego Bee Removal Problem?

Bee problem? No problem! If you live in San Diego and are in need of bee removal services look no further than D-Tek Live Bee Removal.

Bee removal San DiegoWe are expert live beehive removers. We use a state of the art live bee removal vacuum system to safely remove all of the honey bees from your San Diego home or business. After we have performed the bee removal we transfer the honey bees into a beehive box. We then drop the bees off to our local bee farm.

Every live bee removal in San Diego that we perform always includes all of the following services:

  • Complete extraction of all beehive and honeycomb
  • Live removal of all honey bees at your San Diego home or business
  • Repair of the structure if necessary
  • Guarantee of all repairs to be leak-free and defect-free
  • Bee proofing and bee control services
  • Guarantee the honey bees will not infest the same area again
  • Drop off honey bees to our own apiary

By choosing D-Tek Live Bee Removal to permanently solve your bee problem in San Diego you can be assured it will be taken care of quickly and professionally.

While all of the above steps in the bee removal process are important there are two that stick out above the rest. The first being the complete removal of all beehive and honeycomb. If the beehive is left behind many problems may start to occur. One of them is that once the honey bees are no longer there to tend the beehive the honey will often times melt out of the hive and can damage the structure. Damage can include, stained drywall, stained stucco, stained siding, damage to electrical wiring, damage to wood framing, etc. It will also be a magnet for other common household pests that can’t resist the smell of the honeycomb. These can include ants, mice, rats, etc. The third reason it is critical to remove all of the beehive when performing a bee removal, is that honey bees have a very good sense of smell. If any beehive is left in the structure it will attract other bee swarms in the area for years to come. You more than likely will have another bee problem in the near future if the honeycomb is left in the structure. Many pest control companies will simply come to your San Diego home or business and perform bee extermination. It may be cheaper upfront to exterminate the bees and not remove the honeycomb but in the long run, it will more often than not cause future issues.

The second important step is the bee removal repairs. Honey bees will most commonly build a nest in an area that is sheltered from the elements. This means attics, walls, and shed floors are very common spots for honeybees to nest in. When they build a beehive in areas such as these it is often times necessary to cut into a roof, stucco, siding, or a floor to fully remove all of the honeycomb. D-Tek Live Bee Removal also includes any repair work that is needed to your San Diego home or business with every our initial pricing. We guarantee all of our bee removal repairs in San Diego to be leak-free and defect-free. Any drywall repairs we perform are guaranteed to blend with the surrounding area.

We understand it can make home and business owners very nervous getting told that we need to saw into your roof, siding, stucco, etc., to fully remove all of the honeycomb and beehive. We are trained professionals and do this year-round. We are not only live bee removal experts but also construction repair experts as well. D-Tek Live Bee Removal performs over a thousand of these types of repairs in San Diego every year without any callbacks or leaks. You are in good hands with D-Tek Live Bee Removal from start to finish.

Common Places Honey Bees Build Hives

Honey bees will build a beehive just about anywhere. As we mentioned above they usually build in areas that are sheltered from the elements. This is not always the case, however. We have run across beehives on the sides of home stucco, under the eaves, and large beehives in bushes. The most common spots we find beehives in are

  • Attics
  • Walls
  • Irrigation Boxes
  • Trees and Bushes
  • Shed Floors
  • BBQ’s
  • Boats and RV’s
  • Old Car Tires
  • Chimneys
  • Hose Reel Boxes

Bee Control Services San Diego

After the bee removal has been completed and any associated bee removal repairs finished it is time to start the bee proofing process. We also refer to this as our bee control service. Our expert technician will go over every hole, crack, crevice, vent in a 10-foot radius from the original beehive entry/exit point. We will make sure the entire area is fully bee proofed so you won’t have a bee problem again at your San Diego home or business.

D-Tek Live Bee Removal also offers whole home or business bee control services in San Diego. One of our bee control experts will seal up your house as tight as can be so you can rest easy at night knowing you won’t have a bee problem again. All of D-Tek Live Bee Removals bee control services come with a written guarantee.

Beekeeper San Diego

So where exactly do we drop the honey bees off? D-Tek saw a need for additional beekeepers in San Diego and we are proud to announce we’ve opened up our own beekeeping operation. After we have completed a live bee removal in San Diego, our drop off point is to our beekeeping farm. Our extensive 45 hive, bee farm helps to pollinate nearby orchards, crops, and gardens.

Contact The Bee Removal Professionals

Do you want your bee removal in San Diego taken care of fast and professionally? Give D-Tek Live Bee Removal a call today! Our direct line is 760-224-3040. If we do not answer please leave a message and we will contact you shortly. Sometimes we experience a high call volume and can’t get to every call right away. If you prefer to email us simply fill out the contact form on this website. Include your name, phone number, and a brief description of where your bee problem is located on your property in San Diego and we will contact you within an hour in most cases.