How Bees Can Damage Your Home

bee damage

bee damage

Many of our bee removal customers also need bee removal repairs. They don’t realize that at D-Tek Live Bee Removal, we can do both!

While we know the many benefits of bees and their important role as pollinators, they can become a bit of a nuisance. When bees decide to build their nest inside your home, there is the potential for significant structural damage. Not only can this be frustrating, it can be costly.

At the first sign of a beehive or an increase in bee activity near your home, call in bee removal and bee repair experts. A professional team will have the knowledge, skills and equipment to safely and effectively remove the bees. Plus, as pros in bee removal repairs, you can feel confident that your home will be returned to tip-top shape quickly. 

Remember, bee damage should not be ignored. At the first hint of a bee infestation, call a trusted bee removal company like D-Tek Live Bee Removal. 

How can bees damage your property?

Honeybees are often in the news because of our need to protect them. Plus, we love the delicious honey that they provide. But there is a downside to having honeybees on your property. Honeybees love to build their nests inside walls and openings in the eaves of your roof, fences, sheds and garages. 

Large colonies can build very heavy nests due to the sheer amount of honeycomb, wax and honey that is used to construct them. The weight of the nest can cause wood, sheetrock and insulation to break or tear. Plus, honey and wax can seep through the walls creating a mess inside your home.

Carpenter bees get their name because they prefer to lay their eggs in wood. They love to find holes and cracks in the structure of your home and build tunnels where they can lay their eggs. The tunnels they build can later be used by other insects as a home. The tunnels can also cause weakness in a structure and result in tens of thousands of dollars in damages.  

So far, we’ve talked in general terms about the damage that bees can cause. Let’s dive a little deeper! Here are three specific repair concerns homeowners may face when dealing with a bee infestation.


A beehive is not only full of thousands of bees. It also contains beeswax and honey, two of their most useful products. Although we use both of these in many household products and in our kitchens, beeswax and honey can cause significant damage to your home.

Honey is sweet, and other critters such as rodents and insects are attracted to it (just like us!) When they smell the honey left by the bees, the critters flock to the area to collect the leftovers. And they’re not always discrete! Rodents and other insects that come to the area can cause a lot of damage from trying to access the honey. They also leave behind waste products that can cause issues in the future.

In addition, leftover honey from an abandoned beehive can seep into your walls. Homeowners may notice an odor and unexplained stains on their walls. A professional bee removal company will be able to help you identify the presence of the beehive and find its exact location.


At warm temperatures, wax can melt and leave unwanted stains on your walls. Like honey, wax can attract insects. They can build their nests in your home, causing another infestation. One such insect is the wax moth. The wax moth will plunder an abandoned nest to lay their eggs. Once the eggs hatch into adult moths, they will begin to eat the wood in the surrounding area.

Wear and Tear

The process of building their nests can cause a great deal of damage in itself. The bees are in and out every day as they build their nest and forage for nectar and pollen. Often, they have to redecorate your structure by removing wood, insulation or other building materials to make room for their nest. This kind of structural damage can cause weakness in your walls and create ideal conditions for leaks, mold and other unwanted damage.

Hire D-Tek Live Bee Removal for Your Bee Repairs

D-Tek Live Bee Removal has been in the bee business for almost 20 years. Not only do we specialize in safe and humane bee removal, we are experts in performing bee repairs for your business or residential property. With years of experience, our technicians are skilled at identifying the damage and isolating it to minimize the amount of repairs that your home needs. When our team is done, you would never know that a colony of bees used to live there!

If you need trusted professionals for your next bee removal or bee removal repair project, don’t hesitate to call D-Tek Live Bee Removal of San Diego. Our team is ready to help you remove your bee issue and give you the peace of mind you need!