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What is Beeswax?


Did you know that everything that a honey bee makes is useful in some way? Of course, we are all familiar with the benefits and uses of honey. But, honeybees don’t stop there! They make a few other vital resources that can be used by humans: bee pollen, royal jelly and beeswax. Beeswax may not…

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Do Bees Sleep?

do bees sleep

Bees are busy. But are they too busy to sleep? Many people are under the misconception that bees don’t sleep. They think that bees spend their days and nights foraging for nectar and pollen, taking care of their young and serving the queen. These little creatures are so amazing they must not need rest, right?…

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What’s the Story with the Beekeeper’s Suit?

beekeeping suit

Have you ever wondered why many beekeepers wear those big white suits? You know, the ones that look like they belong on the space shuttle? Although they might not be featured on the runways of New York Fashion Week, the beekeeping suit plays an essential role in protecting the beekeeper from unpleasant bee stings. Beekeepers…

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How Long Do Bees Live?

how long do honey bees live

How long do bees live? It might seem like a simple question, but it’s not as straightforward as you might think! The life span of a bee varies a lot depending on several factors. Some of the primary indicators of how long a particular bee will live include: Species of the bee Role of the…

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Get to Know Your Common Bees and Wasps


If you’ve spent any time outside over the last few months, you’ve probably seen plenty of bees and wasps flying around. This time of year they come out in droves and can cause quite a panic for humans, homeowners and business owners. Bee or wasp infestations can cause structural damage and their stings can be…

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