Answers to Your Most Unusual Bee Questions

queen bee and other bees

If you are interested in bees, you probably want to know everything you can about the species. Naturally, some unusual bee questions will come to mind, such as “do bees still forage when it’s raining” or “do bees hear like humans do?” There is always something new and fascinating to learn about honey bees. A…

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6 Questions About Manuka Honey Answered


Chances are pretty good that you’ve heard of Manuka honey. But how much do you really know about this variety of the sweet stuff?  Manuka honey comes from the nectar of the Manuka flower and has been used for hundreds of years for health and wellness. This special honey can be found on its own…

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Tips for Preventing Honey Bee Stings

flying honey bee

Bee stings are not pleasant. And even though the pain of a bee sting doesn’t last long, it is certainly something that you want to avoid. With a little knowledge and preparation, you can take steps to prevent bee stings from happening in the first place. Wear shoes when walking in grass. While you might…

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What are the Greatest Threats to Honey Bees?

bee white flower

When your San Diego home or business is taken over by a swarm or hive of honey bees, it can be hard to believe that honey bees are a threatened species with declining numbers. But like most other species on earth, honey bees face a variety of dangers that impact their survival and ability to…

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