The People’s Garden Movement Benefits People and Pollinators

Community Garden Rooftop

As the prices of essential foods have increased substantially, more people are looking to provide for themselves and not be as dependent on grocers for produce. Add the growing public interest in the environment, and it is the perfect platform for The People’s Garden movement. This movement is designed to enable and empower people to…

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Unpacking the Mystery BEE-hind Stingers

bee stings

The main thing that separates bee lovers from haters is the sting. There is never an argument about their value to the ecosystem or their importance to pollination. However, people who are highly allergic, or do not know if they are allergic, are struck with fear when encountering a bee. Think about it – if…

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Royal Beekeeper Whispers the Sad News About the Queen

Queen Bee Royal England

This week’s news about the death of the longest reigning monarch in England’s history stirred emotions as the mourning of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing began. As her casket is now in a location where the public can come and honor her, people are lining up and spending hours waiting to be close to this popular…

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Why Murder Hornets Are a Big Deal


Murder hornets arrived on the scene in the United States, and news of their danger swept through the news. Anyone allergic to stings dreaded a run-in with one of these giant hornets that can pack a deadly punch. Although what is said about these hornets is true, it is often overlooked that wasps and hornets…

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Bees Are in Good Company with Other Pollinators

bee removal in san diego

Many people think that bees are the only pollinator. However, bees are part of a much more expansive group of different species responsible for pollinating plants and playing a big role in sustaining our food production. Pollinators help our ecosystems by assisting plants in reproducing. Yes, back to fourth-grade science. Pollination is necessary for plants…

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Technology Advances Impressively Track Data from Beehives Worldwide

Bee Technology

The World Bee Project is a worldwide effort to research combined data from beehives around the globe to find out what helps bees thrive, patterns of behavior, trends, and the world’s hive health. More than 40 percent of honeybees are facing extinction, according to scientists. If the threat is not addressed, this will be devastating…

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