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How Long Do Bees Live?

how long do honey bees live

How long do bees live? It might seem like a simple question, but it’s not as straightforward as you might think! The life span of a bee varies a lot depending on several factors. Some of the primary indicators of how long a particular bee will live include: Species of the bee Role of the…

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9 Unexpected Uses for Honey

9 uses of honey

Happy National Honey Month! If you didn’t know, the month of September is dedicated to celebrating honey and promoting the important work of America’s beekeepers. Honey has been used as both food and medicine for thousands of years, so it’s fitting that honey should get a month in the spotlight. In honor of National Honey…

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Tips for Choosing a Quality Bee Removal Company

choosing bee removal companies

When a bee infestation hits your home or property, your first thought might be that you can handle the situation on your own. Who has the time to research a reputable bee removal company? Who wants to spend all that money? It’s true that finding a quality bee removal company is not always easy. Like…

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Bee Friendly Plants for Your Garden


You don’t have to become a beekeeper to do your part to help honey bees! Planting the right garden can attract bees and provide them with what they need to thrive and pollinate your local plants. There are tons of flowers that provide ample nectar and pollen to encourage honey bees to stop for a…

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