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Pollinators: More Than Just Bees

two hummingbirds

Over here at D-Tek Live Bee Removal, it’s no secret that we are big fans of the honeybee. We love their industrious natures and appreciate all the work they do to make honey and pollinate our flowers and crops. Without them, our food system would look dramatically different.  But did you know that bees are…

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5 Common Questions About Live Bee Removal

swarm of bees

As the weather heats up, you will probably notice more honeybees buzzing around your home. And while that’s great news in some ways, too many bees in and around your home can pose some risks to your family and your property. When you have a bee swarm or hive at your San Diego home, you…

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Why Do Bees Sting?

bee stings

If you’ve been reading the D-Tek Live Bee Removal bee blog for a while, you already know that honeybees are vital to pollination. While not the only pollinators out there, bees are one of the biggest contributors to helping our plants and flowers reproduce year after year.  Aside from their pollination and honey-making abilities, honeybees…

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Should You Be Worried About the Murder Hornet?

murder hornet

What’s the deal with the “murder hornet?” Amid all the recent coronavirus and economic news, you might have heard some other unsettling news about the appearance of a new hornet in the United States. Known as “the murder hornet,” this giant Asian hornet (Vespa mandarinia) has a nasty sting and the ability to decapitate hundreds of…

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5 Reasons Bees Are Vital to Our Lives

bumblebee Pollinating

As the experts in live bee removal in San Diego, D-Tek Live Bee Removal is always on call to safely remove honey bees from homes, buildings and other locations around the city. We love to do our job and transport honey bees to a proper habitat. After a removal, we transport the bees away from…

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5 Things NOT To Do Around Bees

bees flying into hive

As the weather heats up and flowers bloom in San Diego, honey bees become their most active. With the spring season in full swing and summer up ahead, you can expect to see a few of these insects buzzing around your homes, parks and gardens, collecting nectar to bring back to their colonies. While a…

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