Beekeepers Staying Busier Than Ever During Swarm Season

Bees swarming hive

As summer is only weeks away, beekeepers and bee service companies across the nation are trying to stay ahead of the busy swarm season calls already happening. As bees move across the country, Texas is now in the throes of swarming, and this has got one bee company getting more than 100 calls a day.…

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What New Beekeepers Should and Should Not Do

Man beekeeper with new hives

Regardless of what people say, the art of beekeeping is lots of work. If you think about it, bees are little stinging insects that do whatever they want, and your job is to keep them safe, alive, disease free, and give them the space and resources they need. It sounds a lot like parenting, and…

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Three Reasons to Stop Mowing Your Lawn

lawn mower

As spring becomes summer quicker than remembered in previous years, the blue tarp is being shaken off those unused lawnmowers. People in Southern California are ready to resume weekly mowing to keep that green grass short and trimmed. However, not mowing your lawn has more incredible benefits, and here are the top three reasons not…

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The Benefits of Beekeeping on Mental Health

Beekeeper making heart with hands

This entire month is dedicated to mental health awareness, and we are looking at some of the potential health benefits of beekeeping. Historically, when someone is feeling down or depressed, we encourage them to go outdoors and breathe in some fresh air. Although being outside can indeed help improve your mindset, those suffering from depression…

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Can Swarming Bees Interfere with Air Travel?

Bees on a Plane

Most people know that swarming bees is a natural occurrence and harmless. Bees swarming may be inconvenient if the location and timing are not ideal, like a birthday party at a park where bees seem to be during their swarm. However, bees hardly seem like they can cause too much disruption, but recently, these mighty…

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Honey Labeling Under Scrutiny

honey jars labels

The latest bee-related House Bill to pass in Texas impacts honey producers who may have previously labeled their honey products as ‘Texas’ honey when it may be blended with honey from other states. House Bill 590 (HB590) will have minimal impact on hobbyist beekeepers because they are not interested in producing honey on a large…

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