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What are Honey Bees Like?

what are honey bees like

Depending upon where you live, you’ve probably seen bees before. It’s even possible that you’ve experienced their sting and can recognize them on site. Do you know what bees actually are, however, and why they are important to the health of the ecosystem and humans alike? Many people just see a buzzing insect with a…

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When You Might Need Bee Removal

when you need bee removal

Bees are an important part of the ecosystem. That is perhaps especially true for honey bees, which help to pollinate a surprising amount of the food that humans tend to eat on a daily basis. This includes things like fruits and vegetables but can also include food that other animals humans eat need to consume…

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What is Bees Wax ?

What is bees wax and why is it so important ? Bees wax is a natural wax produced by bees and it is the main component of the honeycomb built by bees. Typically when bees are removed from the comb (or they leave one behind) the whole honeycomb is melted and then filtered to get rid…

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7 Things You Did Not Know About Bee Propolis

  Most people have a lot of respect for bees. After all, they have the ability to sting like no other and they make delicious honey (such a paradox, isn’t it?). These hard-working insects however make another substance they are less known for- bee propolis. Propolis is a glue-like substance used to repair, mend and…

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Health Effects of Manuka Honey And Lemon

If you’re thinking of getting a cup of tea anytime soon, you might want to add some Manuka honey and lemon to it. There are several reasons why these two foods make a enormous difference to your body’s well being.   In this post, we’ll discuss some pretty amazing health benefits of using Manuka honey…

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