When Planting for the Bees, Why Not Consider Trees?

bees autumn gardening

When Planting for BeesWhy Not Consider Trees? Gardeners do not hesitate to choose and make room for new plants and flowers each spring to give the bees some food and foraging sources for the busy pollination season. It is less common for gardeners to think about planting trees. As efforts to save bees include raising…

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Be a Bee Superhero: Heat Stress Management Techniques for Beekeepers

bees drinking water

Be a BEE Superhero Beekeeper Management Techniques Beekeepers play a crucial role in mitigating the impact of extreme temperatures on their colonies. By implementing certain management techniques, they can help their bees cope with heat stress and maintain their health and productivity. As our nation experiences prolonged extreme heat this summer, here are some ways…

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Buzzing Under the Heat: Exploring the Impact of Extreme Temperatures on Bees

Extreme Temperatures Affect Bee Behavior and Productivity

Exploring the Impact of Extreme Temperatures on Bees As the world grapples with the effects of climate change, one of the often-overlooked victims is the humble bee. These little pollinators play a vital role in our ecosystem, pollinating plants and ensuring the survival of countless species. However, as temperatures rise to unprecedented levels, bees face…

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Mahomes’ Bee Swarm Aversion Makes Headlines

Mahomes bee swarm

Mahomes’ Bee Swarm Aversion Makes Headlines Although the bees made the news again this week, it may be more because of who they swarmed and not their relevance to the environment. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his teammates found ways to deal with the bee swarm that buzzed across the field. Although swarming bees are…

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The Birth, Life, and Death of The Queen Bee

queen bee

The Birth, Life, and Death of The Queen Bee There is some mystery around the life and purpose of the queen bee, and here we walk you through the birth, life, and Shakespearian death of a queen bee. The queen bee carries the greatest burden and is responsible for the hive’s survival. The queen is…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bee Swarming


Frequently Asked QuestionsAbout Bee Swarming When it comes to bees swarming, there are many questions. In this blog, we hope to bring insight into the swarming process to educate folks about the bees, our VIPs (Very Important Pollinators). Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about bees, and most importantly, people should…

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