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Why Does Honey Crystallize?

crystallized honey

Have you ever tossed old honey that has become chunky and crystallized? If you have, you are not alone! Many people mistake this change in texture and appearance as a sign that the honey has gone bad. But did you know that honey can’t go bad? In fact, it is considered the only food that…

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How Do Bees Carry Pollen?

pollen baskets

You probably know that honey bees collect nectar and pollen. But, do you know how they carry these valuable resources back to the hive? Honey bees are specially designed to collect, transport and process nectar and pollen into energy sources. They have unique physical features that enable them to do this important work and keep…

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Why Do Bees Follow Me?

bees following human

Did you know that bees have been considered signs of wealth, wisdom and good luck since the ancient times? Bees play a significant role in the mythology of ancient Greeks and Egyptians as symbols of life and love. In fact, the common name Melissa comes from the Greek meaning queen bee! With credentials like that,…

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Why Bee Removal is Not a DIY Job

bee swarm

When it comes to your home, some things require a professional: plumbing, roofing and electrical work are just a few services that come to mind. Homeowners are willing to hire the pros for some things, but when it comes to bee removal, too many people try to do it on their own! Bee removal is…

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All The Details on Drones


All honeybees have a role and fulfill specific functions in the hive. From the matriarchal queen who leads the colony, to the worker bee who does the majority of the heavy lifting, each member of a colony has its purpose. Drones also play a vital role in the hive. They ensure the success and sustained…

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5 Bee Movies to Buzz About

watching bee movies

Bees, honey and beekeepers have played major roles in movies throughout time, but not one of those bees has earned themselves an Oscar nomination. What a shame. From villains to heroes, bees have been prolific in Hollywood cinema without the buzz they deserve. Whether they make a brief cameo or take center stage, these bee…

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