How to Ensure Bees are Safely Removed from Your Property

male bee remover at home

There is an undeniable shift in thinking and approach to bees, with many more people wanting to ensure bees are safely and humanely removed when it is necessary. There are several instances where swarms are left alone, and existing beehives on properties are left to thrive when not in a harmful place for the people…

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To BEE Removed or Not To BEE: That Should Always BEE A Question

beehive in tree

When it comes to bees, there are those who recognize their vitality to the pollination process and will protect them at all costs and those who see them as pests or a threat in any situation. Unfortunately, bees, due to the large numbers (tens of thousands) they travel in and where they make their hive…

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The Importance of Proper Bee Removal

the importance of proper bee removal

The Importance of Proper Bee Removal Understanding the importance of bee removal is crucial for maintaining the delicate ecological balance and ensuring the safety of both humans and bees. The little buzzers play a crucial role in our ecosystem because they pollinate plants, which in turn leads to the production of fruits, vegetables, and seeds.…

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Habitual Home Dwellers – Why Do Bees Make Homes in Our Homes?

bees in your walls and home

Most people envision bees living happily in the open fields. What may surprise you is that bees do quite well-establishing homes in the city too. Bees can make happy homes in urban developments without abundant green spaces. When bees are looking for a new home during a swarm, their alternative to wide-open green spaces is…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bee Swarming


Frequently Asked QuestionsAbout Bee Swarming When it comes to bees swarming, there are many questions. In this blog, we hope to bring insight into the swarming process to educate folks about the bees, our VIPs (Very Important Pollinators). Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about bees, and most importantly, people should…

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Why Bees Colonize in Walls and What to Do When It Happens

bees swarming brick wall

Why Do Bees Make Homes in Our Homes? It can be incredibly unnerving if you have experienced swarming bees emerging from a wall or heard a buzzing inside the house but can’t find the cause. Most people don’t think about beehives or swarms until they encounter them first-hand. Honeybees are known to make their hives…

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