Frequently Asked Questions About Bee Swarming


Frequently Asked QuestionsAbout Bee Swarming When it comes to bees swarming, there are many questions. In this blog, we hope to bring insight into the swarming process to educate folks about the bees, our VIPs (Very Important Pollinators). Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about bees, and most importantly, people should…

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Why Bees Colonize in Walls and What to Do When It Happens

bees swarming brick wall

Why Do Bees Make Homes in Our Homes? It can be incredibly unnerving if you have experienced swarming bees emerging from a wall or heard a buzzing inside the house but can’t find the cause. Most people don’t think about beehives or swarms until they encounter them first-hand. Honeybees are known to make their hives…

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California’s Record Rainfall Provides Reclaimed Water Sources for Bees

bees need water

California has experienced a bonanza of rain, which provides relief from the hovering drought conditions typical to the state. What is the best use of all this water, and how can it be reclaimed and used to bring value to the state’s agriculture and ecosystems? California leads the way when it comes to water conservation…

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Southern California Residents Should Expect Swarming this Spring

southern california beehive

Suppose you have ever encountered swarming bees flying over an area or conglomerating in a temporary spot while they look for a new place to call home. In that case, it can be alarming to witness thousands of bees moving together or hanging off a tree branch. Although this is a regular activity for bees,…

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The City of Carlsbad Under Fire for Harsh Treatment of Bees

beehive removal

Carlsbad residents are accusing the City of Carlsbad of mindlessly and carelessly handling bee concerns, treating undesirable hive locations with toxic pesticides, and disregarding bees’ critical role in the environmental process. Although the accusations are harsh, Carlsbad residents, who live in arguably one of the nation’s most beautiful areas, are demanding more care and intentionality…

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Bee Keeping 101

what is honey

If beekeeping were a college class, everyone interested would need to start at the beginning. There is no magical formula for successful beekeeping, and anyone who already does beekeeping understands every single hive is different. Even with a good starting point of what to do and when, it may leave some struggling as they figure…

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