Prioritizing Non-Lethal Bee Removal

Regardless of what someone believes about how many items on your dining table are directly tied to bees’ pollination, it is undeniable that bees are essential pollinators in many crops. As many bee species are reported to have dwindling populations, those who may have previously disregarded an unwanted beehive now seek ways to handle beehive concerns using companies that guarantee non-lethal techniques.

Pest Control Vs. Humane Live Bee Removal

Pest control companies do just that – they eliminate the pest, or bee, problem. Unfortunately, pest control companies often do not have the equipment or experience to remove live bees safely without killing them. It is critical to find a reputable company with skilled bee technicians who can help property owners mitigate their beehive problems quickly and thoroughly. Companies like D-Tek continue to provide exceptional humane, live bee removal throughout Southern California and surrounding areas. Bee removal experts must understand bee biology, have the proper equipment, and have well-established relationships with local beekeepers and apiaries so that live bees can be relocated and help maintain the region's bee populations and colony health.

Humane Bee Removal Processes

There are many safe and humane ways to remove beehives from an unwanted or dangerous location. Smoke is the most common and effective way to remove a live honeybee hive. Honeybees leave at the first smell of smoke, and their olfactory senses are incredibly sensitive. Once honeybees leave a beehive due to the smoke, they rarely return to the beehive. Experienced bee removers will use a smoker to create this smell, and even though an average person may be able to produce smoke near a beehive, it is best to stay clear of a beehive during this process because bees will become aggressive due to being agitated. Protective equipment and clothing are necessary to ensure safe bee removal.

Other popular ways people try to remove unwanted bees are by using garlic spray or citronella. Again, the strong scents these two approaches cause irritate the bees, and they may leave. Neither of these techniques will harm the bees, but it may take a while to go, and if there is wind or rain that prevents the candles from burning for multiple days, it is likely an ineffective way to try to get rid of bees. Peppermint and cinnamon are other scents that bees are not particularly fond of. However, these are better used on plants and around your home as a bee-proofing technique because they are harmless to plants, people, and pets. These oils may not be as effective as getting thousands of bees to vacate a giant beehive, but they may serve well in preventing the establishment of a beehive in the first place.

Do NOT Try This at Home

NOT trying this at home means that it takes experienced bee removers to safely remove a beehive and ensure a seamless removal experience that allows people and pets to stay safe throughout the removal process. If a person does not have knowledge and tries to do a live bee removal on their own without the proper equipment and clothing, the result may be devastating. Bees in large quantities, especially when protecting their beehive and queen, can be very dangerous. Anyone with a bee allergy should avoid interacting with the beehive entirely; only a professional humane bee removal company should handle the removal.

Even if you are allergic, having live bees safely removed by a professional and relocated within the region whenever possible is the best thing to do for the environment. This small effort can lead to a healthier and more balanced ecosystem.

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Leave it to the Professionals!

Companies like D-Tek Live Bee Removal are dedicated to keeping people safe throughout the live bee removal process. D-Tek's skilled and qualified bee technicians are the most experienced and offer professional inspections, treatments, humane live removal, and repair work. Do not be misled by social media videos that offer at-home solutions to getting bees to leave. Using information online can be helpful in bee-proofing, which happens before the fact to prevent beehives from establishing in your home. However, once a beehive is set, it continues to grow and should be addressed by professional bee remover technicians as soon as possible.

When it comes to handling beehives or live bee swarms on your property, it is worth it to hire professionals with experience and who understand the importance of humanely treating and removing hives while prioritizing people and pet safety. Finding a new home for removed bees is a significant part of the process, and respected. Reputable beekeepers and bee removal companies will be able to find a new home for displaced bees. Since bees are critical to the pollination process and protected by laws in the state of California, it makes sense to leave bee removal to the professionals.

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