Once Again, Bees Make Headlines and Turn Heads

If you have not read, watched, or heard about the latest bee headline in North Carolina, it is something that makes most people uneasy to even think about. This occurrence is not the first time, nor will it be the last. Bees do what they want, when they want, and where they want. Although this story may make you squirm, it is a story that many beekeepers are familiar with, as their job is to help property owners overcome bee problems, issues, and concerns on a regular basis.

The family, who is now documenting the removal of the honeybee hive on TikTok, shows more than 50,000 live bees and more than 100 pounds of honeycomb behind the wall. The family worked with a beekeeper to complete the removal, which took several visits and thousands of dollars, hopefully covered by their home insurance. The lesson here is that when you suspect activity behind the wall of your home, office, or structure, do not wait. If a beehive is caught early enough, or bee activity is observed going in and out of an opening in the structure but has yet to result in the queen’s presence, beehives can be managed more easily and require less intrusive work.

A Beekeeper’s Daily Life

Beekeepers get calls every day from people concerned about bee swarms, activity, and hives. It is not surprising since bees are known to sting, and most people will not engage with bees if they do not have to. It is always recommended to contact an experienced beekeeper or live bee removal company to do an inspection.


Although they may be intimidating, swarms will move on their own within hours and sometimes days. However, in some cases, a swarm may show up in an area on a day you have an event planned, and the swarm may need to be encouraged to move on a little earlier. If this occurs, do not attempt to do this without training and experience working with live bees.

Increasing Bee Activity

Once a property owner has experienced a live bee removal, they are often more aware of increasing bee activity in and around their property. A small opening can become a gateway for bees to build a hive within a structure's walls, attic, or floor. Beekeepers are skilled in bee-proofing and doing thorough inspections when they arrive, so they know the best way to proceed. Companies like D-Tek Live Bee Removal offer bee-proofing services, live bee removals, beehive removal repair, and beekeeping services.

The Ultimate Hive Call

The ultimate beehive call is likely the one the beekeeper on the job in North Carolina received the day the homeowners realized the sounds behind the wall were anything but imaginary. Any beekeeper will tell you that the sooner a beehive inside a structure can be addressed, the better. Often, bees end up inside a structure because they have swarmed due to overcrowding. Hive building begins once that new location is communicated to the rest of the swarm and the queen. Unfortunately, when this is inside a home, whether a wall, ceiling, attic, or floor, it can pose risks to the people that live there, and the professionals must be called to safely remove the hive and ensure all remnants are removed. Beehives can grow immensely large when left unattended, so figuring it out early is best.

Once a bee removal company arrives, they will inspect the home, and if it is determined that a beehive exists in the structure, they will drill test holes to find the beehive. The next step is to cut away to expose the hive in its entirety. This is necessary because any remaining beehive remnants or honeycomb will rot and attract other pests like roaches, ants, and rats. This is the step that most people dread, but knowing it is to ensure bees don’t return and nothing is left makes it easier to swallow. Bee removal companies like D-Tek have their bee technicians trained in repair work, so once the hive is removed, repair is done immediately and guaranteed. D-Tek understands that a gaping hole in your wall is unsettling, so their approach is unique and ensures customers do not find themselves in this scenario.

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In North Carolina, you can imagine the shock and disbelief when the 50,000 bees were found behind the wall in more than 100 pounds of honeycomb. The homeowners did the right thing by calling a professional and agreeing to get the job done thoroughly. Happy reports have come out that the family is now in a bee-free home and will probably be more aware of bees and their activity and have a new appreciation for what they are capable of when left alone.

Although stories of bees are regularly making headlines, there are still concerns over declining populations. When needing a beehive removed, it is critical to use a company that can remove the bees alive and relocate them. If you are concerned about anything related to bees, contact D-Tek today. Our bee technicians are standing by to help.