Removing Bees Humanely for Successful Rehoming

The spring and summer months bring more than the best weather. The warmer days and nights result in increasing bee activity, and this is the busiest time of year for bee removal companies. Inquiries always pour into local beekeepers and pest control companies this time of year on how to get rid of unwanted bees. Pest control businesses are happy to come out and spray a beehive to kill the bees, but this is not the best way to approach a beehive that needs to be removed. The benefits of keeping bees alive should be understood so that more people consider a more holistic approach to bee concerns. Some experienced humane bee removal companies prioritize removing bees safely and humanely so they can be rehomed and relocated to another apiary. Dedicated live bee removal companies like D-Tek are committed to helping those with beehive concerns, prioritizing keeping people safe without compromising the hive's survival.

Keeping Bees Alive During Removal

The benefits of bees to our ecosystem are well known. Bees pollinate plants and are responsible for initiating the pollination process year after year in the almond groves in California. Pollination gives plants what they need to be fruitful, which is critical to food production. Honeybees produce honey that can be used as a natural sweetener, an allergy remedy, and has antibacterial qualities. Bees should be protected and treated humanely even when a beehive is in a precarious location. People should be aware of the contributions of bees to our environment and make every effort to strengthen and expand bee populations. Beekeeping continues to grow in popularity as a hobby because people enjoy the caretaking element but also feel they are doing their part to help the environment.

When It Is Time to Call the Professionals

It is a fact that bees are free and wild, so sometimes, the location of a beehive may not be ideal. Honeybees nest in cavities, so it is not uncommon for them to end up in a wall, a tree, or in the floors of a structure. Although bees are typically non-aggressive, the cute and fuzzy aspect dissipates once a person feels the hive puts them and their family at risk. When the location of a beehive becomes a concern, it is time to call the professionals. Humans and bees can co-exist harmoniously, so reaching out to an experienced humane live bee removal company like D-Tek safely and thoroughly removes the hive and relocates the bees to another apiary.

In situations when a honeybee hive is in a structure, it is best to have it humanely removed immediately. The honey can attract pests like rats and cockroaches. Once there is pest activity, it becomes more complex to resolve the issue. Companies like D-Tek that have decades of experience in beehive removal and repairs can dispatch skilled bee technicians to homes, businesses, public areas, restaurants, retail malls, and more. There is no location where a beehive can't be safely removed while keeping bees alive and people safe. D-Tek's bee technicians are trained and skilled in repair work, so exploratory holes are used to locate the hive, and any other structural damage that is necessary for hive removal will be repaired and guaranteed the same day.

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Quality Bee Technicians

Companies that humanely remove and relocate bees when a beehive must be removed have trained bee technicians with a deep knowledge of bee biology and experience in safe removals. Bee technicians know what to look for, where to look for it, and the least invasive way to get the job done with minimal damage. Once the existence of a hive is identified, the entry hole will be determined so that the direction of the bees can be found. After this, cuts into the structure are made to determine the location and size of the hive. Once the entire comb is defined and located, the area is marked so that the hive will be completely exposed to ensure all remnants are removed to avoid rotting and pests. Hives and honeycomb are relocated, and the structure damage and entry holes are repaired, sealed, and left without a trace of the beehive.

Although not an exact science, established humane live bee removal companies have techniques, equipment, and experience in the field that make moving bees to a new location successful. As awareness and appreciation for honeybees and their environmental contributions continue to grow, humane removal is often preferred to just killing bees. The risk of simply spraying and killing bees in a structure is that the bees, the honeycomb, and honey will rot and ultimately bring pests that are even less desirable than bees!

If you suspect a beehive in your home, business, or other structure, contact D-Tek today for a free inspection. We understand the urgency of this discovery and prioritize dispatching a qualified bee technician promptly.