Top Misconceptions About Bees

honey bee on white flower

Top Misconceptions About Bees Local gardeners and beekeepers pride themselves on staying up to date on the latest related to bees and other pollinators. Bee enthusiasts are advocates for sharing information and growing awareness of the importance of bees as pollinators to the environment. Misconceptions about bees have led to many situations that could have…

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Swarm Catching: An Intriguing Concept Requiring a Little Bit of Luck

honeybee swarm trap

Swarm Catching: An Intriguing Concept Requiring a Little Bit of Luck If you are not a fan of bees, catching a swarm is the last thing you think about when picturing swarming bees buzzing through the air or conglomerating on your fence post. However, attempts to catch bees in swarms is more common of an…

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What Bees Collect V What Bees Make

honey dripping

What Bees Collect V What Bees Make Bees are known to collect many things from the environment, including pollen and nectar. There are a few things that bees need that they must make from the raw ingredients. Instead of collecting honey and propolis, bees collect the necessary materials they need to make them. Bees spend…

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Unlikely Honey Combos to Promote Good Health

bee removal in san diego

Unlikely Honey Combos to Promote Good Health When it comes to using delicious local honey as a natural sweetener, it is a no-brainer. However, even though most people have heard that honey has health benefits, few actively explore it further. Today, everyone seems obsessed with good health, and using honey in combination with other ingredients…

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A Peek Inside The Beekeeping Profession

female woman beekeeper peeking in bee suit

Beekeeping is exciting and valuable for those who embark on this informative journey. Specialist beekeepers have close relations with their bees and appreciate their connection to society as a whole. Beekeepers will spend their lifetimes dedicated to their bees, and it is normal to stay in it once you try it. Beekeepers are engaged in…

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California Storms Delay Pollination and Yield Sweeter Honey

Flooded Beehives

This year went down as one of California’s wettest and longest winters. The storms in California devastated some areas but were also an answer to an enduring hope that the drought state would experience a rainy season. However, the back-to-back storms were more than many crops and residents could handle. The continual and prolonged stormy…

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