Unpacking the Mystery BEE-hind Stingers

bee stings

The main thing that separates bee lovers from haters is the sting. There is never an argument about their value to the ecosystem or their importance to pollination. However, people who are highly allergic, or do not know if they are allergic, are struck with fear when encountering a bee. Think about it – if…

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Why Murder Hornets Are a Big Deal


Murder hornets arrived on the scene in the United States, and news of their danger swept through the news. Anyone allergic to stings dreaded a run-in with one of these giant hornets that can pack a deadly punch. Although what is said about these hornets is true, it is often overlooked that wasps and hornets…

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Technology Advances Impressively Track Data from Beehives Worldwide

Bee Technology

The World Bee Project is a worldwide effort to research combined data from beehives around the globe to find out what helps bees thrive, patterns of behavior, trends, and the world’s hive health. More than 40 percent of honeybees are facing extinction, according to scientists. If the threat is not addressed, this will be devastating…

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Bees and The Trees They Love

bee removal in san diego

Well beyond what most people think bees do for the environment, not only do they pollinate flowers, but trees are a large part of their efforts. Bees require water and food to survive, so eating the fruit or sap that a tree produces makes sense. As bees drink the nectar, get pollen stuck to their…

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Top Three Reasons to Find a Reputable Bee Removal Company

facts about pollinators

Finding an exceptional bee removal company with experience and a solid reputation for excellent quality work is growing in necessity. In California, working with and hiring a professional bee company removes the stress of having a live hive removed from a property or location. A thorough and effective relocation will last and not have residual…

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