Honeybees Get The Royal Treatment in Orange County

One of the incredible things about Orange County, California, is the expansive beauty that spreads from the coast to the hills. Orange County has a solid beekeeping base, and these communities pride themselves on a unique awareness of honeybee happenings and the history of bees in the area. Since beekeeping can be a rewarding hobby for residents of all ages, local beekeepers are often happy to help others get started in this exciting journey of caring for some of the world's most critical pollinators. Beekeeping can be a great experience, and working with a reputable beekeeper helps newcomers to the hobby of beekeeping start with accurate information and guidance. New honeybee beekeepers should establish relationships with others in the area to share information and have a lifeline for the many inevitable questions that come along the way.


Honeybees Are The Only Domesticated Pollinators in Orange County

Honeybees play a significant role in food production, and the pollination process is complex but requires the honeybees to take up most of the work – honeybees are responsible for close to eighty percent of the load when it comes to pollinating flowers and plants and spreading the nectar to keep the system moving! Hives are relocated across the nation every year from Orange County, and some of the core pollinations begin in California's almond crops. In order to spread pollination throughout the country every season, domestic hives are shipped and relocated by reputable and experienced beekeepers.

The Respected Honeybees are Social Pollinators

Precious honeybees are not only social but very organized. Continued research on these fascinating buzzers reveals intelligence and survival instincts that were not previously known. Thanks to invested scientists and environmentalists working with local beekeepers, data is showing just how incredible these precious pollinators are and their relevance to our ecosystem.

Beekeepers will become the caretakers of honeybees since they are the only pollinator that can successfully be kept domestically. One colony may have more than 50,000 bees, and all those bees are there for one queen – talk about royalty! The role of the queen comes with a big responsibility as the queen must lay every single egg, which can be upwards of 2,000 a day during the season.

Females make up the majority of the bees in the hive and are responsible for the hive's maintenance. Nurse bees develop larvae, care for the queen and collect water, nectar, and pollen, which are necessary for a hive's survival.

Farmers and Orchards in Orange County Depend on Honeybees

Since honeybees remain one of the most critical pollinators in the world, farmers and orchards use honeybee pollination as a way to maintain consistent crops every year. As is in the name, “Orange” County needs pollinators, and that is why it is encouraged by many local beekeepers to take up the rewarding hobby. Reports of declining bee populations have many people concerned. Although honeybees are in good company with many pollinating creatures and other insects, honeybees are hands down the most critical that can be kept domestically.

Treatment of Bees in Orange County

The high population of private beekeepers in Orange County, being in California's environmentally conscious and active bee protection state, lends itself to the existing dynamic bee enthusiast groups in the area, who are always happy to help and spread awareness. How hives and bees are treated is important in the community. Anyone wanting a hive removed from their business or residential property should find a reputable and respected bee removal company to get the job done. Beehives should never be knocked down or sprayed with pesticides because that will kill all the bees, potentially cause a disastrous sting fest, and destroy the hive. When receiving multiple stings, even someone not allergic to bees may have an adverse reaction and require medical attention. It is critical to NEVER attempt to remove a hive on your own.

In 2022, California was the first to name four species of bees as protected under the California Endangered Species Act. For Orange County residents, bee removals must be done humanely, and hives relocated instead of destroyed. D-Tek Live Bee Removal offers top-quality beehive removal. Sometimes a hive's location can be challenging to reach and may require cutting into a wall, floor, or roof. Find a bee removal company that guarantees their work, from hive removal to any repair work. Additional services when hiring a quality bee removal company should include additional bee-proofing to prevent the return of the bees to that location and helpful guidance on other potentially vulnerable spots on the property. Working with a local beekeeper is the only way to ensure that the bees and their hive are safely removed and relocated in compliance with Orange County’s bee community's expectations and the state's legislative requirements.