When Planting for Bees
Why Not Consider Trees?

Gardeners do not hesitate to choose and make room for new plants and flowers each spring to give the bees some food and foraging sources for the busy pollination season. It is less common for gardeners to think about planting trees. As efforts to save bees include raising awareness, starting hives of your own, and supporting legislation to protect species of bees, knowing what bees prefer may be helpful to those wanting to have the most significant impact.

Trees Provide Shade, Forage, and Habitat for Bees

Let us not underestimate the value of trees beyond their value to bees and other pollinators. Trees remove CO2 from the air, break up strong winds, and keep runoff lower than before. Although trees may not be your first thought when deciding what to plant to help the bees, trees benefit bees, pollinators, critters, and the planet!

Planting Above Eye Level

When people want to plant things for bees to use as food and a pollen source, flowers and plants that bloom at eye level are the go-to. Beautiful raspberries and clovers make it easy to stick with what looks good to you, but trees can add a significant return on investment on many levels. Some of the common reasons for not considering trees instead of flowers are that trees can be dangerous close to the home, they are messy, grow too slowly, or shade unwanted areas. However, our planet can use more trees, and bees thrive on flowering trees!

Bees’ Trees Can Equal a Field of Flowers

Trees give gardeners, the environment, bees, and other pollinators better bang for your buck. Planting any flowering or fruit trees will provide maximum benefit to bees. Finding what local trees flower most in your area helps bees get the most out of your tree. Suppose you do not want to grow a fruit tree (some mature trees produce so much it is challenging to keep up with the harvests). Other flowering tree varieties will be a welcome sight for bees. Check out some varieties here.

plant bee friendly trees

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Additional Benefits of Planting Trees

If trees are a solution to provide sustainable forage for bees and offer benefits to people and the planet, it is definitely worth thinking about this year!

Trees Reduce Noise, Purify Air, and Lower UV Exposure

Trees are magical in that they can provide fruit, shade, wood, and sap, and they naturally encourage us to be outdoors. The sounds of birds chasing each other, feeding their squawking babes, and squirrels rustling through the leaves can be a lovely reminder of the wonders of the wildlife around us. Additionally, trees do reduce noise, and that is why many plant trees around their properties. Shade and privacy are something flowers can't provide. The shade trees provide relief to people and bees and reduce our exposure to the dangerous UV rays that are growing in intensity every year.

Trees Invite Bees and People Outdoors for Improved Mental Health

It is undeniable that parks with shade spots are the more popular ones. Drive through any parking lot; all the shady spaces are under trees and usually taken! Studies have shown that tree shade can soothe people's moods, lessening anger and anxiety. Maybe it is the inviting way that shade trees bring people outside. When we are calmer, listening to the sounds of nature, our brain can relax and process problems or thoughts. Trees provide a private space for reading, having a picnic, or people-watching. Although trees expose us to the outdoors, they also offer a sense of peace and being one with nature.

Beekeepers Make a Difference

The trend of planting trees is finally coming back, and many beekeepers are choosing more trees each year, and the bees are thrilled! Organizations, large and small, are promoting bee health and survival. Encouraging tree planting helps bees and all living things because it also counters deforestation and helps the planet.

Beekeepers understand better than most that a healthy environment is critical for bees and all living things. A tree can provide the same amount of food as a large meadow, a place for wildlife to live, and shaded areas. Many beekeepers are finding that trees are an excellent source of shade for hives during the hot summer months.

Beekeepers have a unique role because they want to help their bees thrive and naturally have plentiful foraging available. Beekeepers recognize that helping the bee crisis by planting trees helps not just the little buzzers but the people in the area and the environment.

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