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3 Things You Should Do When You Find That Bees Have Invaded Your Home

3 Things You Should Do When You Find That Bees Have Invaded Your Home

You wake up one beautiful summer morning.

You hear a steady buzz. At first, you think it is the sound of an engine far off but then again you are not sure so you go outside to make sure everything is okay on your property.

And then you see it.

A dark-brown colored collection of insects have made their home on a part of your property. And from the looks of it, they don’t look like they are going anywhere.

You panic and run inside and frantically type into Google on how to deal with your new but slightly unwelcome neighbors.

Finally you find DTEK Live Bee Removal’s number (ahem !) and you give us a call and tell us about your problem. And we do our best to get to you within 24 hours.

A question that comes up pretty frequently is “What should I do while I wait?” or better yet, what are some immediate things you can do the minute you discover bees have invaded your home ? Here is my advice to you.

3 Things You Should Do When You Find That Bees Have Invaded Your Home

  • Don’t disturb them. Seriously, if you don’t disturb the bees, 99% of the time, they will not disturb you. Throwing sticks, stones, pots, knives or spraying them with insecticide or a water hose will only agitate them and make them more likely to attack you. Leave them alone until the professional service arrives.


  • If the bees are swarming over a large area on your property, completely avoid them. If you have to go to work that day, call your boss and explain the situation to them.  If the bees are Africanized  (by the way, there is no way to tell if a bee is Africanized by just looking at it. A DNA test is needed to verify that.), it is ESPECIALLY imperative to do the first two things. Don’t disturb them. Don’t make sudden movements around the hive.


  • Heed warning signs of an oncoming bee attack. If you unknowingly walked into a bee swarm or got too close to a bee hive , the bees are going to let you know  you are a threat by first of all flying/buzzing in your face. If you can, please run very quickly into your home and shut all doors and windows. Bees have been known to achieve speeds as high as 15 miles per hour so even if ONE of them starts buzzing in your face, it is very important to get away from it before the other bees arrive.


[note align=”center” width=”600″]Found a bee-hive on your property ? If you live in the Greater San Diego area, call Dave at 760-224-3040. We removes the bees, the hive & all the honey and will perform any repairs that need to be done as well. [/note]