Look Who’s Cocooning! Butterflies and Bees Share the Stage

mason bees cocoon

As part of the science curriculum from kindergarten, metamorphosis is well-known as how a caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly. Although widely accepted, what is less known is that butterflies and bees are not only partners in pollination but also cocooning. Some bee species undergo complete metamorphosis, forming cocoons to protect the larvae. If you are…

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Can Bees Be Considered Weapons?

bee removal in san diego

Surprisingly, the answer is yes, and bees can be used as weapons. Wait, but can someone be charged for using bees as a weapon? Again, surprisingly, the answer is yes. This past week, a woman was charged with assault and battery, using bees as a weapon against law enforcement. Bees Used as Weapons Today The…

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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Essential Pollinators?

artificial intelligence honey bees

In recent bee news, it seems technology and computers are becoming more intertwined in pollinators’ lives. Last month, we blogged about Oracle’s incredible technology to assist beekeepers worldwide in staying connected through a network designed to protect hives, food production, and bees from predators using early detection of hive irregularities. It appears now that a…

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Unpacking the Mystery BEE-hind Stingers

bee stings

The main thing that separates bee lovers from haters is the sting. There is never an argument about their value to the ecosystem or their importance to pollination. However, people who are highly allergic, or do not know if they are allergic, are struck with fear when encountering a bee. Think about it – if…

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Research Proving Bees Make Choices and Deserve Better Treatment

Bees Looking Over Edge

Lately, it seems bees are making headlines on the internet almost daily. New research data regarding pollinators, bee catastrophes averted on tarmacs, and declining populations bring the bee’s relevance front and center. Recent studies found bees can feel pain and make choices on how much discomfort to endure, depending on the reward. In a study,…

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