Gifts for Your Favorite Beekeeper 2022

Buying gifts for the holidays can be stressful for some, especially if they want to buy for a hobbyist beekeeper! It is no mystery that people struggle more and more with what gifts to get to the people in their lives. We all strive to make gifts personal, meaningful, and ultimately useful! For example, if one of the people you buy for collects dolls, you may get them a sweet figurine to put in their glass display case. If you have a fisher or outdoorsy person in your family, you may get them a new lure or hiking pack. No matter what, it is always a good idea to get something thoughtful. If you have time, find something related to an area of interest for those you love. If you have any hobby beekeepers in your life, there are many excellent gift ideas that you probably still need to consider.

New Beekeepers Can Use Everything

Of course, more seasoned beekeepers have many of the tools, bells, and whistles for beekeeping. Still, new beekeepers get big-eyed when they open something to help them be a better caretaker for the little buzzers. Even gifts adorning bees, such as a set of drinking glasses with something hive related, will bring a smile to their faces.

Great gifts for new beekeepers are books and information resources, and maybe that looks like a magazine subscription, a Dummies book, or an online forum for them to participate in. When someone is brand new to beekeeping, consider gifting them something beneficial at their level of knowledge. Hence, they can grow their knowledge and elevate their personal beekeeping experience. Insightful information that is easy to read and follow is the best format. Topics that new beekeepers benefit from having are installing beehives, honeybee health, how to do inspections, and how to get the precious honey safely for your beekeeper and the bees!

Affordable and Meaningful Gifts for Beekeepers

What some call odds and ends can bring the biggest smile to a beekeeper’s face. Beekeeping has many tools, and often, as with anything, the little things can be lost or need replacement frequently. One of the most popular items purchased frequently and would be a welcome gift in the stocking or under the tree are bee brushes that beekeepers need every time they visit a hive. A Swiss Army knife is another excellent beekeeper gift; custom beekeeping-style army knives exist. Feeders, frame holders, and frame grips are all great gifts for someone taking up the beekeeping hobby.

Bee suits and numerous accessories are a solid gift for any beekeeper. Gloves, veils, and suits are a must for all beekeepers, so depending on how new your beekeeper is, they may be ready for the perfect bee suit!

Gifts that Splurge!

If you are blessed with a bigger budget for your beekeeper’s gift this year, extracting kits or equipment is incredibly useful for beekeepers. Seasoned beekeepers may seem like they have everything they need, but as enthusiasts grow, so do their hives. If you are buying for an experienced beekeeper, they would love a wax press that takes bee products and makes them into soaps, lip balms, and candles.

Regardless of how long the beekeeper in your life has been tending their hives, getting a gift related to this incredible hobby ensures a gift that shows an appreciation for their interest. There are affordable options for new beekeepers, and there are always more elaborate gifts for those wanting to spend a little more to encourage their beekeeper’s passion. Bee enthusiasts love to share knowledge and engage with other beekeepers, so see what your local beekeeper offers for newbies and help them connect for a long-lasting hobby that helps the environment.

Younger Beekeepers

Kids love beekeeping and love their first beekeeper outfit! A bee suit is quintessential for kids interested in beekeeping and brings the whole process together. The suit allows younger beekeepers to get close, like the adults, and no longer have to stay back and watch. This is a gift that elevates beekeeping from an idea to a hobby. Several kid-friendly bee books are available, and they raise awareness and appreciation for our special pollinators. You can’t go wrong with a bee book and a bee suit under the tree!

Non-Beekeeping Family Members

Gifting someone some fresh, local honey is always a good idea. Local honey is shown to have medicinal qualities when it comes to allergies and tastes delicious in baking, cooking, and drinking.

Once you begin researching the many options out there, the hard part becomes which bee-related gift your favorite beekeeper will enjoy most. Check with your local beekeepers and see what sort of goodies they have available for purchase. It is best to support your local vendors, when possible, especially when it hits the sweet spot in gift-giving. Happy holidays!