Habitual Home Dwellers – Why Do Bees Make Homes in Our Homes?

bees in your walls and home

Most people envision bees living happily in the open fields. What may surprise you is that bees do quite well-establishing homes in the city too. Bees can make happy homes in urban developments without abundant green spaces. When bees are looking for a new home during a swarm, their alternative to wide-open green spaces is wood-based materials, which is why they often end up in the walls and attics of our homes. Once bees swarm and designate your wall, attic, or roof as the new place to build a hive, it can be challenging to mitigate without professional bee removal services. The good news is companies like D-Tek have been serving counties all over Southern California for well over a decade, helping customers humanely remove unwanted beehives from their homes.

Even Bee Advocates Don’t Want Thousands of Bees Inside Their Walls

Between being allergic to and being afraid of bees, a majority of people would not be upset if they never had a run-in with a bee swarm or had to deal with a hive in their home. However, even those who love and advocate for bees would rather not have them bussing around in the wall of their home! Hives can be upwards of 70,000 bees, and that sound can unnerve just about anybody when it is above your head at night when you are trying to sleep.

What To Do and What NOT To Do with a Beehive in Your Home

Bees are worth saving. Regardless of the inconvenience of the beehive being in the structure of your home, killing them is not an option. Several bee species are protected, and they are an essential pollinator (it is debatable exactly how many crops they pollinate, but somewhere around 75 percent of our crops rely on the bees to keep the good stuff coming. If you have a beehive in your home, contact a professional and reputable live bee removal company to take care of it. D-Tek is the only full-service bee removal company that uses humane techniques, has all the right equipment, and is skilled in any repair work necessary – some of those hives can be deep in the walls and require some demo to get everything out!

Do NOT try to attempt removal on your own – it is dangerous for someone without experience, and if the entire hive and all honeycombs are not removed, it will rot and attract pests that are much less welcome and harder to get rid of! Toxic pesticides are not the answer because if you kill all the bees, not only is that the wrong approach, but the hive will also remain and begin to rot. Imagine a rotting honeycomb remnant in your wall – the rats and roaches love the free food, but an infestation of those pests can be never-ending! Working with a well-established bee removal company that guarantees the removal of the entire hive and honeycomb is critical.

What Does Beehive Removal Look Like When A Beehive Is In My Wall?

In order to prepare you for what will occur when you have a professional bee removal company come out is always a good idea so you are not surprised. Beekeepers and skilled technicians will come out to your home (D-Tek can send out a qualified tech within 24 hours in most cases!). Experienced professionals will initially assess the beehive location and will likely have to cut out a piece of your wall or roof to access the queen. As you know, the queen is who all the other bees protect, so removing her is the first step for humane bee removal.

Once the queen is gently moved into a box, the remaining bees will enter a trap to remove them from the inside. Bee vacuums are used and safely remove bees without bringing them harm. Bees are often relocated to a local beekeeper – it is a good idea to relocate them, and established beekeepers will have plenty of connections to make this happen. It is such a relief once the beehive is removed, and working with a full-service bee removal company removes all the stress for homeowners.

If you are facing a beehive in your home, wall, attic, or roof, do not wait and call D-Tek Bee Removal today at 760-224-3040. Our technicians and beekeepers are standing by and can send someone out quickly to help address your concerns. If you suspect a hive may be established, tackle it early and call today for a free inspection. D-Tek’s dedication to humane bee removal and high-quality repair work can’t be beaten, and we enjoy helping our customers all over Southern California get back to normal after discovering a hive in the home!