Health Effects of Manuka Honey And Lemon

Health Effects of Honey & Lemon
If you’re thinking of getting a cup of tea anytime soon, you might want to add some Manuka honey and lemon to it. There are several reasons why these two foods make a enormous difference to your body’s well being.


In this post, we’ll discuss some pretty amazing health benefits of using Manuka honey and lemon regularly in your diet.
Honey is known as a great substitute for cane sugar. Honey is sweeter than sugar so less of it is needed and in addition, it is a more nutritious source of natural sugars for the body.
Raw honey is a powerful anti-oxidant with substantial therapeutical potential. Manuka honey in particular, hails from Australia and is a special type of honey known for greater health benefits. Amongst other benefits :
  • It fights off bacteria.
  • It is known to promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria.
  • Manuka honey is even said to help with digestive health as well. It will cause bloating, acid reflex, indigestion and stomach ulcers to subside.
  • It is also a potent remedy for coughs and colds.
  • Manuka honey is an effective source for energy.
Not only is it nutritious as food but Manuka honey has proved to be great for use on the skin too. Many facial scrubs and acne treatments now use honey to cleanse skin. Manuka honey effectively repairs and renews skin, leaving skin clearer and free from scars. Many of today’s skin products are filled with many artificial ingredients but the results from natural ingredients like Manuka honey are simply fascinating. Simply try it as a facemask or as a cleanser. It also treats wounds and infections.
That said, lemon is a close runner up in terms of its benefits to our health and wellbeing. Lemon, similarly fights disease, including cancer! Lemons have anti-cancer compounds, at least 22 of them, which can halt and cease the growth of tumors in the body.
Lemons also give smoother skin. The vitamin C in lemons does wonders for keeping skin moisturized naturally. Lemons contain acids that remove toxins from the skin and keep it healthy, reducing wrinkling and blemishes.
Just like honey, lemons also contribute to your high energy levels. Lemons contain negative ions which increase the flow of oxygen to the brain. This is great for your brain. More oxygen means heightened stimulation and more alertness.
Lemon juice can be combined with manuka honey to achieve some great results as well. Combined together, they will improve digestion, relieve acidic reflexes and acid burns.
Lastly, lemon and honey do a remarkable job at keeping you in shape. If you’re struggling with the occasional sugar rush, a half teaspoon of manuka honey and lemon juice, mixed in warm water will do the trick for you. What happens is these foods will provide a stable source of energy to your body and prevent that sugar rush from being triggered. You’ll feel your energy and mood level remain stable and you’ll find it easier to avoid unhealthy food filled with processed fats and sugar. That will help keep you in shape, keep you happier and mentally sound. Who would have known lemon and manuka honey could do this much good? For best results, try a cup of them combined before meals.