How to Ensure Bees are Safely Removed from Your Property

male bee remover at home

There is an undeniable shift in thinking and approach to bees, with many more people wanting to ensure bees are safely and humanely removed when it is necessary. There are several instances where swarms are left alone, and existing beehives on properties are left to thrive when not in a harmful place for the people or animals in the area. However, it is naïve to think that all beehives should be left alone regardless of their placement. People have allergies, and beehives that inconveniently disrupt the activity or are in high-traffic areas must be removed for the safety of people and bees. So, when it's time to have a beehive removed from your [property, how can you ensure the bees are treated humanely and moved to a new location?

There are considerations when choosing a professional bee removal company to come to your property to inspect and extract a beehive. Gone are the days (hopefully) of contacting an inexpensive pest control company that takes care of everything from roaches to rats. With increased concern over declining bee populations, bee removal companies are taking every measure to ensure humane bee removal and finding a new home for them.

What Seeing Bees In Your Area Means

When you see bees in your area, landing on plants and flowers, that means your flowers will produce fruit and that the ecosystem is healthy in the area for pollinators. However, when large numbers of bees make a home too close to your home, it may require calling a professional live bee removal company to step in.

Bees, Wasps or Hornets?

Not all flying things with stripes of gold and black are created equal. Hornets and wasps can be aggressive without being provoked, and having a nest too close to where people or pets live is dangerous. A professional bee removal company will first assess whether the activity involves bees, wasps, or hornets. Bee numbers are on the decline, and that is when it counts to have the live bees removed humanely and relocated to a local apiary. A pest control company can treat hornets' and wasps’ nests. They will terminate the nest because they are not concerned about relocation and live removal.

Removing live bees is a specific kill; not all bee removal companies are the same. Companies like D-Tek pride themselves on having all the best equipment to humanely remove live bees without harming them and finding them a new home. Bee technicians must have the knowledge to identify the different bee species, determine any protected species, and handle them accordingly. Knowledgeable and professional bee technicians make a world of difference when having a beehive removed. D-Tek has served customers throughout Southern California for over a decade and has established trusting relationships with local beekeepers.

Invasive Beehive Placement Requires Repair Work

When there is a beehive in the wall of your home or business, it must be removed. Even if bees are not inside the house or building, leaving a nest to continue to grow is a mistake. If you hear buzzing in your wall or attic, it is best to contact a professional live bee removal company immediately. When a beehive is in a wall, part of the drywall will be removed to ensure that all the beehive and honeycomb is removed. If any is left and sealed over, other pests will come to get the remnants as they rot. Working with a bee removal company with experience and who guarantees their work is critical. D-Tek is the only live bee removal company that guarantees any repair work and only hires bee technicians who can perform any necessary repair work immediately. This means you are not left with an open gaping hole in your wall after the removal.

Getting Questions Answered Before Committing to Beehive Removal

As a customer, you have the right, and should ask lots of questions. Although your situation may be urgent, always ask about the guarantee, cost, process, and when they can come to the property. Most reputable beekeepers understand that by the time they hear from a customer, the beehive is already a problem for them. Companies should exhibit patience with customer questions because their level of knowledge is minimal in most scenarios.

When it counts, use a live bee removal company with good customer reviews that is knowledgeable in your area. A local understanding of bees, behaviors, and local beekeepers is essential for successful beehive removal and relocation. Although you may be able to find a local beekeeper who can come and try to take the beehive, they need to be more typically experienced and may leave you with a bigger problem than you started with. Use a company you can trust. Contact D-Tek if you are concerned about a beehive in or near your home or business.