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Removing Swarms

Removing Swarms and Un-wanted Bee Colonies


[picture_frame source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”262″ align=”left”] Hear a thunderous buzz outside your window? Notice a large dark cluster of insects suddenly hanging from a tree branch, fence, ladder, or woodpile in your backyard? These are swarming honey bees. Want to know what to do with them? Please, whatever you do, don’t kill them — many of our beekeepers would be glad to move them to a new home for you! In fact, chances are an eager beekeeper will show up within hours of your call.

Under ideal conditions, a strong, established honey bee colony will subdivide, and one or more swarms will leave the hive. It is their way of reproducing. A swarm may cluster for a while on an exposed tree limb or bush near the old hive while scout bees search for a suitable place to establish a permanent new home.

Folks often become concerned when they find swarms clustering in their yards. After all, it’s a lot of bees, and bees sting, right? Actually, honey bees most often exhibit defensive behavior near their nests, where they are concerned with protecting their young and food supply (honey!). A honey bee swarm has neither young nor food stores and isn’t likely to exhibit defensive behavior unless unduly provoked.