Why Do Bees Keep Returning To My Home?

honey bee infestation

One of the most frequent questions we get from San Diego-area business and homeowners is: Why do bees keep returning to my home year after year? We know this can be frustrating! You think you have remedied the problem on your own. Or maybe you have spent a lot of money hiring a bee removal…

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What’s The Deal With Swarming?

bee swarm

Swarming is a natural process, but it doesn’t make it any less unnerving! The site of a honey bee swarm can be scary, especially if they are hovering near your home or business. While a swarm can certainly leave you speechless, it is also a pretty impressive sight to behold. Tens of thousands of bees…

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4 Bee Proofing Techniques You Should Try

hive on a roof

Many of our San Diego bee removal customers don’t think of bee proofing until after they’ve had a honey bee or wasp infestation. Once they go through the frustration of dealing with an invasion, they quickly realize they don’t want that experience again. Honey bees are especially industrious and work hard to sustain their colonies.…

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Answers to Your Most Unusual Bee Questions

queen bee and other bees

If you are interested in bees, you probably want to know everything you can about the species. Naturally, some unusual bee questions will come to mind, such as “do bees still forage when it’s raining” or “do bees hear like humans do?” There is always something new and fascinating to learn about honey bees. A…

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