What To Expect About Swarming This Spring

bee swarm

What To Expect About Swarming This Spring If you are in colder climates, you may still be experiencing winter weather. However, be encouraged! Springtime is coming up fast; soon, the sunshine will be out, and the weather will get warmer. Spring brings so much beauty and is a favorite time of year for gardeners and…

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Five Ways to Attract Bees and Butterflies to Your Garden

bees butterflies

Five Ways to Attract Bees and Butterflies to Your Garden Deciding to turn your outdoor space into a haven for bees and butterflies is an excellent way to help struggling pollinators and beautify your garden. Over the last several years, gardeners have reported noticeably less buzzing around their gardens. As many essential pollinators face decline,…

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Do Bees Feel Pain?

bee close up

Do Bees Feel Pain? Researchers report recent observations of bees tending to their wounds, strengthening the debate on whether bees feel pain. Bees that appear to groom injuries are re-igniting questions on bees’ consciousnesses and if they feel pain or are simply following a biological natural response. It is currently thought that bees and other…

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What Bees Collect V What Bees Make

honey dripping

What Bees Collect V What Bees Make Bees are known to collect many things from the environment, including pollen and nectar. There are a few things that bees need that they must make from the raw ingredients. Instead of collecting honey and propolis, bees collect the necessary materials they need to make them. Bees spend…

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Solitary Bees V Social Bees

Mason Solitary Bee

Solitary Bees V Social Bees There are more than 20,000 species of bees in the world. Approximately 4,000 are native to North America, and even more surprising is that only 10% of those bees are social, like bumblebees and honeybees. Around 90% of bees are solitary bees. Although movies like The Bee Movie portray honeybees…

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The Buzz About Bee Sleep

sleeping bee

Whether you know it or not, bees sleep. The resting position of bees is quite endearing as they lower their heads and rest their wings on their backs. Bees’ relentless work habits and dedication to their queen often make it seem unreasonable that sleep is on the day’s agenda. However, these little pollinators tire of…

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