When Planting for the Bees, Why Not Consider Trees?

bees autumn gardening

When Planting for BeesWhy Not Consider Trees? Gardeners do not hesitate to choose and make room for new plants and flowers each spring to give the bees some food and foraging sources for the busy pollination season. It is less common for gardeners to think about planting trees. As efforts to save bees include raising…

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Be a Bee Superhero: Heat Stress Management Techniques for Beekeepers

bees drinking water

Be a BEE Superhero Beekeeper Management Techniques Beekeepers play a crucial role in mitigating the impact of extreme temperatures on their colonies. By implementing certain management techniques, they can help their bees cope with heat stress and maintain their health and productivity. As our nation experiences prolonged extreme heat this summer, here are some ways…

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Three Reasons to Stop Mowing Your Lawn

lawn mower and bees

As spring becomes summer quicker than remembered in previous years, the blue tarp is being shaken off those unused lawnmowers. People in Southern California are ready to resume weekly mowing to keep that green grass short and trimmed. However, not mowing your lawn has more incredible benefits, and here are the top three reasons not…

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California’s Record Rainfall Provides Reclaimed Water Sources for Bees

bees need water

California has experienced a bonanza of rain, which provides relief from the hovering drought conditions typical to the state. What is the best use of all this water, and how can it be reclaimed and used to bring value to the state’s agriculture and ecosystems? California leads the way when it comes to water conservation…

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Spring is Here! Preparing Plants, Flowers, and Gardens to Help Pollinators

bees are pollinators

March 20th is coming up in less than three weeks. It is also the first day of spring, and residents and landscapers all over Southern California are preparing for an excellent and fruitful season. Orange County is in full swing, hosting weekly events at various locations, offering volunteers a first-hand look at Orange County’s natural…

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