Will Buzz Stops for Bees Take Off in the United States?

bus stop roof garden

A popular trend initiated by concerned environmentalists and climate watchers began in a Dutch city and is spreading across Europe. What is a Buzz Stop? A buzz stop is a beautiful way to bring more green space to otherwise concrete city streets riddled with bus stops. These creative uses of existing space have become popular…

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Unpacking the Mystery BEE-hind Stingers

bee stings

The main thing that separates bee lovers from haters is the sting. There is never an argument about their value to the ecosystem or their importance to pollination. However, people who are highly allergic, or do not know if they are allergic, are struck with fear when encountering a bee. Think about it – if…

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Bees Are in Good Company with Other Pollinators

bee removal in san diego

Many people think that bees are the only pollinator. However, bees are part of a much more expansive group of different species responsible for pollinating plants and playing a big role in sustaining our food production. Pollinators help our ecosystems by assisting plants in reproducing. Yes, back to fourth-grade science. Pollination is necessary for plants…

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Research Proving Bees Make Choices and Deserve Better Treatment

Bees Looking Over Edge

Lately, it seems bees are making headlines on the internet almost daily. New research data regarding pollinators, bee catastrophes averted on tarmacs, and declining populations bring the bee’s relevance front and center. Recent studies found bees can feel pain and make choices on how much discomfort to endure, depending on the reward. In a study,…

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California Leading Efforts to Protect Bee Species

California Poppy Bee

In 2020, after more than 40 years, the second bumble bee census was taken. Shockingly, many critical species were unable to be found. Concerned scientists claim some species have disappeared entirely from the ecosystem. These findings are not good news for bees, pollinators, and the world’s food sources! More than 75% of the leading 115…

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Top Three Reasons to Find a Reputable Bee Removal Company

facts about pollinators

Finding an exceptional bee removal company with experience and a solid reputation for excellent quality work is growing in necessity. In California, working with and hiring a professional bee company removes the stress of having a live hive removed from a property or location. A thorough and effective relocation will last and not have residual…

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