Common Questions About Bee Infestations

honey bees
honey bees

As one of the most trusted live bee removal companies in the San Diego area, we get lots of questions from customers who are experiencing a honey bee infestation. When you have a large swarm or out-of-control hive on your property, it can be unnerving, frustrating and even scary. We hope that by sharing the answers to some of the most common questions, we can put your mind at ease and guide you on how to best handle a bee infestation.

Why do I keep getting bee infestations?

Many frustrated San Diego customers contact us wondering why bees keep coming back, even after they’ve paid for a professional bee removal from another company. There are a couple of possible reasons why your infestation never completely goes away. The most common answer to the question is that the removal was not complete in the first place. Chances are pretty good that honey or remnants of the hive were left in the walls after the last removal service.

When bee odors are left behind, other bees are attracted to the area and will come back regularly. Another possibility is that the area was not properly bee proofed, leaving easy access points for other bees to move in and set up shop. The key is to remove all traces of the previous hive as well as the bees, and to adequately bee proof the area to prevent a future infestation.

I see a lot of bee activity. What do I do?

Another common concern we hear about is an increase in bee activity at a customer’s San Diego home or business. Very often, this means that you may have a hive somewhere on the premises. It could also mean that your property is on a popular travel route for a nearby colony. They could be simply passing through on their way to gather pollen, nectar and water.

In any case, it is best to call in a professional team to identify the source. Expert bee removal technicians can identify where the bees are coming from and where they are going. 

The bees don’t seem aggravated. Should I leave them alone?

In general, honey bees are not aggressive. They typically will not attack unless they are on the defensive after being aggravated or disrupted in some way. In most cases, swarms of honey bees want very little to do with humans and will usually move along within a few hours or days.

Honey bees in a new hive are also less likely to be aggressive. They are busy building a hive and building up stores of honey, so they don’t have as much on the line. Plus, they have to conserve the energy they do have to do the work of building their home and caring for their young.

An established hive, on the other hand, may result in bees that are more likely to want to protect it. If they are aggravated by you attempting to spray them with a hose, swatting them or otherwise removing them from the area, they may become aggressive because they want to protect their queen, their young and their honey.

You never want to disturb honey bees and give them any reason to defend themselves. If their hive has been built in a location that could pose a risk to humans, contact a professional live bee removal company who can safely and humanely relocate the bees so they are no longer a threat.

How do I choose the right bee removal company?

As you may have guessed, choosing an inexperienced bee removal company can leave you with more bee problems down the road. Always use a licensed and experienced company. Check reviews on popular websites and ask the company for testimonials from other customers. Ask about pricing and be wary of companies who try to give you the runaround.

For effective, humane and honest live bee removal services in the San Diego area, contact the professionals at D-Tek Live Bee Removal today. With one phone call to our friendly team, you will have a licensed and experienced bee removal technician dispatched to your property to perform a free inspection. We pride ourselves on our integrity, and we will clearly communicate our services and pricing so you can have peace of mind. With D-Tek, you will feel confident that we can get the job done! 

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