Have a Honey Bee Colony? Here’s What You Should Know

bees truck tree
bees truck tree

Most people know the basics about bees. Very few people know exactly what to do when they are facing a honey bee infestation. A large swarm or an established colony of honey bees on your property, or worse, inside the walls of your home, can be unnerving to say the least. If you are dealing with a bee situation, there are some things you should know in order to keep yourself, your family and the bees safe. 

Bees act defensively, not offensively. 

A lot of people have a fear of bees because they are afraid of becoming a target for their stingers. Sure, bees do sting and a bee sting can be somewhat painful. And while the fear isn’t totally unfounded, the reality is much different than the perception. 

Bees are not offensive creatures, meaning that they very rarely attack unprovoked. Instead, they will take action when they feel that they are being threatened. Worker bees will attack when they feel that their hive or queen is in danger. 

If you spot a bee, the best thing to do is to ignore her and give her space. Do not give her any reason to think you are a threat. Chances are pretty high that she will ignore you too as she goes about her business of foraging for food. 

An established hive in your walls can be dangerous. 

A hive that has established itself inside your walls can be more of a problem than you would think. Most customers feel uneasy knowing that thousands of bees are living inside their walls. Rarely do they think about the other potential downside of a bee infestation – damage to the structure of your home. 

A very large bee hive, along with all the bees it contains, can be extremely heavy. The weight can put a significant strain on the beams or pipes of your house. Damaged structures can weaken and eventually break, causing damage that cannot be ignored. Honey that has warmed and has dripped from the hive can seep into your walls. Damage to the internal structures of your home can pose a safety risk for those inside, so the damage will require a fix from a professional.

A bad bee removal service can give you problems in the future. 

Many people mistakenly believe that a bee removal technician will come to the house, remove the bees and the hive and call it a day. The reality is that the job is a bit more complicated than that. In order to do it right, your technician must be sure to remove all signs of the previous bee infestation. Why? Any odors left behind or remnants of the hive will be enough to attract other bees to the area. This means that you can have a bee infestation down the road. Not only that, honey left behind will be enough to attract other pests, including mice and insects that could cause more damage and headaches.

Bee removal is a job for the pros. 

Even if you aren’t afraid of a bee sting, you should never attempt to remove a large bee infestation on your own. There are a number of reasons that this is never a good idea. For one, without the proper knowledge and equipment, removing bees can be extremely dangerous. Not only are you at risk for multiple bee stings, but beehives are rarely in a convenient and easy-to-reach place. 

Secondly, as we mentioned earlier, in order to do the job right you must be extremely thorough and understand bee behavior. Leaving behind any odor or trace of a bee hive will be sure to attract bees in the future. Lastly, you want to take steps to conserve the honey bee population. Using pesticides and other harmful chemicals can kill bees and be dangerous to humans. It is very hard to remove bees humanely on your own.

Live bee removal services are best. 

If you have a bee infestation at your San Diego home or business, consider hiring an expert in live bee removal. The live bee removal process is the best way to safely and humanely remove bee infestations. The processes do not use harmful chemicals and take steps to ensure that the bees remain alive throughout. With bees being so vital to our ecosystem, it is critical that we do what we can to protect them. Choosing live bee removal is a simple step.

San Diego Live Bee Removal – D-Tek Live Bee Removal 

If you live or operate a business in Vista, Oceanside, Escondido or anywhere else in the San Diego area, contact D-Tek Live Bee Removal for all of your bee removal needs. Bee removal can be a difficult and dangerous process that should always be left for the professionals. A large hive can have tens of thousands of honey bees inside and can pose a serious threat to humans who attempt to remove them. Bee removal requires a great deal of skill and specialized knowledge. Never attempt to remove a bee infestation on your own. 

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