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How to Naturally Get Rid of Bees

bee Swarm

Bees play pivotal roles in the planet we live in, but that doesn’t mean they are welcomed guests around your yard or workplace, mostly because of the threat of stings. It’s important you learn how to safely get rid of them without imploring harmful toxins on an insect that contributes significantly to global pollination. We…

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What You Should Know About Mining Bees

mining bees

Have you ever noticed bees going in and out of a hole in the ground? If so, you’ve seen mining bees! Many people don’t know much about these ground bees. In fact, most people mistake them for honey bees or wasps.  However, mining bees include over 1,300 species of bees in the genus Andrena, so…

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How To Handle a Beehive on Your Property

how to handle a bee hive

Warmer weather means outdoor barbeques, baseball games and dips in the pool. But it can also mean swarming bees and beehives! When you are startled by an unexpected hive or frightened by a huge swarm, you will probably wonder how to handle the situation safely and without getting a nasty bee sting.  Honey bees are…

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How To Hire The Right Bee Removal Company

hiring the right bee removal company

You’ve found a hive of bees on your property or you’ve discovered a large swarm. You know you need bee removal, but where do you start? It can be overwhelming to find the right live bee removal service in San Diego. That’s why D-Tek Live Bee Removal makes it easy to find the right match…

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When You Might Need Bee Removal

when you need bee removal

Bees are an important part of the ecosystem. That is perhaps especially true for honey bees, which help to pollinate a surprising amount of the food that humans tend to eat on a daily basis. This includes things like fruits and vegetables but can also include food that other animals humans eat need to consume…

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