How to Use Beeswax

use for beeswax food wrap

Beeswax is this substance that we have been using throughout human history. Its texture has made it extremely versatile and useful from early humans all the way through to today. In prehistoric times, beeswax was used as a lubricant and to help waterproof a variety of structures. Today, we still use beeswax in many products…

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Common Questions About Bee Infestations

honey bees

As one of the most trusted live bee removal companies in the San Diego area, we get lots of questions from customers who are experiencing a honey bee infestation. When you have a large swarm or out-of-control hive on your property, it can be unnerving, frustrating and even scary. We hope that by sharing the…

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Are Honey Bees Vanishing?

bee removal

If you have been keeping up with honey bee news over the last 15 years, you’ve probably heard a great deal about colony collapse disorder (CCD). Very often, people use this term as a catch-all for any conversation about the decline of honey bee populations. While colony collapse disorder has been responsible for a percentage…

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Do Bees Hibernate in the Winter?

honey bees winter

Honey bees are common sights in the spring and summer months across the San Diego area. But have you ever thought about where they go in the colder winter season? While we don’t get frigid temperatures here in Southern California, temperatures do tend to dip down quite low in the late fall and winter months.…

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What is Pollination and Why Is It So Important?


At D-Tek Live Bee Removal, we’re the experts in live bee removal in San Diego because we know how to take care of bee removal safely and effectively. We take pride in knowing that when we’re called upon to help a customer, we’re both solving their problem and saving a hive from potential harm. Why?…

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