How to Handle a Honey Bee Swarm

swarming bees

The sight of a honey bee swarm can be amazing. It can also be extremely unnerving! Tens of thousands of honey bees buzzing in one space can be frightening, especially if you are afraid of getting stung. If you are dealing with a swarm at your San Diego home or business, there are a few…

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Interesting Bee Facts To Share

bee on white flower

There are so many fascinating facts about honey bees and honey. It’s fun to learn honey bee trivia because it gives us more insight into the fascinating creature and their role in our world. Plus, it’s always great to throw out honey bee facts at a party! Are you itching for some honey bee trivia?…

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What to Do if You Spot a Swarm of Bees?

large swarm of bees

We are in the midst of the most active bee season here in San Diego. With summer in full swing, you’ve likely started to see these buzzing insects fluttering about the city, looking to collect nectar to bring back to their colonies. It’s fairly common to be fearful of bees, but most of the time,…

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Spring Has Sprung for Honeybees!

bee removal in san diego

While most of the country follows stay-in-place orders to combat COVID-19, you may not have noticed that it’s spring. March 19th marked the first day of the spring season, and you know what that means – we are getting ever closer to the emergence of honeybees. The warmer weather initiates a few important changes in…

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