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What’s the Difference Between Bearding and Swarming?

swarm of bees

During the summertime, bees are just a fact of life here in Southern California. We are used to seeing them buzzing around our pools, picnics and soda cans. And although they can be a nuisance, they don’t generally grab our attention.   Sometimes bee behavior is a little more intriguing! Most people would agree that…

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Swarms and Colonies: What’s the Difference?

bee swarms and colonies

Spring has sprung in San Diego! With the warmer weather finally here, you may start to notice big bunches of bees in your neighborhood. Since we are entering swarm season, we thought we’d talk a little about the difference between a swarm and a colony and what to do if you encounter either of these…

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What To Do If You Encounter Bees

encountering bees DTEK live bee removal

When you hear that familiar buzz of bees, your first instinct might be to panic. After all, a bee sting can be quite unpleasant and a swarm of bees can be very scary. Stay calm! Most bees won’t attack unless their nests or colonies are being threatened. And those swarms of bees? Sure they might…

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