The Beauty and the Bees

As more research reveals potential benefits from beeswax, bee pollen, and bee venom, it is no surprise that the beauty market has openly embraced incorporating these ingredients formed by nature’s hard workers into their products. When properly used, bee products can offer enhanced health and beauty. The effort now is to safely get bee by-products while allowing the bees to continue harmoniously and uninterrupted.

Beeswax in Beauty

It is pretty amazing to consider bees produce the wax necessary to create combs to eat, store honey and pollen, and build their nest colonies. Beeswax is being used across many products in beauty. Widespread use of beeswax increases moisture, which is commonly found in lip balms, lotions, and moisturizing products. Formed from natural resins, it makes this ingredient safe to eat and use cosmetically. The wax organically creates a barrier for skin and is known to retain moisture better than other ingredients. Beeswax is natural and effective in many products on the market.

Beauty products containing bee pollen and bee venom are not recommended for those allergic to bees unless under a medical professional’s advice.

Bee Pollen in Beauty

The beauty industry is hot on the bee pollen train, promoting its ability to improve skin health. Serving purposes of astringent, this naturally complex bee product contracts cells creating a tighter and firmer skin appearance. Bee pollen also has numerous antioxidants which can remove damaging skin cells and a bonus of soothing properties which make bee pollen highly desirable when wanting healthier-looking skin. If you are not allergic to bees, do some research, find beauty products with bee pollen, and follow instructions carefully.

Bee Serums for Improved Skin Health

Apitoxin is bee venom and hurts when administered. Some people have adverse reactions to bee venom, and it can cause redness, swelling, and in extreme cases, even death by anaphylactic shock.

Skincare companies have added bee venom to some serums and lotions due to its anti-inflammatory and inflammatory properties. This natural miracle liquid that bees use to protect themselves is used in beauty and alternative medical treatments. Using these products has shown to be quite effective for many looking to reduce wrinkles and fight skin bacteria. Several studies, which included placebo groups, showed significant results in reduced wrinkle count and depth of wrinkles. Other studies have demonstrated improved acne conditions using a bee venom-infused serum twice a day. As science continues to find ways this very natural occurrence may benefit humans, testing bee venom in tubes shows promise in anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects on acne.

Bee Products as Botox Alternative

Bee Venom is water-soluble, making it easy to absorb into the skin. It is revolutionizing skin care products because it is natural, and small amounts in lotions and serums can help with skin tone and discoloration. It is also found in products that claim to have plumping agents, most commonly found in lip care products. Bee pollen is also used as a homeopathic Botox alternative. The melittin is the clear liquid excreted from the bee’s stinger. When applied topically, it can emulate the effects of a sting by awakening the cells and bringing rejuvenation to the skin’s surface. Topical application can be incredibly effective in enhancing skin’s natural glow and appearance.

As most people know, once a bee stings and lose its stinger, it dies. Although you can easily purchase live bees on the internet, if you self-administer the sting for the benefits of the venom, the bee will die. There have been significant movements against the beauty industry to protect bees while extracting the beneficial products, leaving the hives and colonies able to continue functioning and surviving the release of the venom. The process of responsible companies is to place glass, which is not harmful to the bees, in the hive, and the bees, seeing the glass as a threat, place their stingers on the glass and excrete the venom without losing their stinger. Although not perfect, finding the safest ways to obtain bee products without harming the bees or the hive is vital to the continued use of products containing venom.

Bees offer many benefits to nature and humans through what they produce. These seemingly insignificant in size insects have been producing products for consumption, medicine, and health for centuries by divine design. Every person is responsible for the ecosystem we live in, so anyone seeking these products needs to do their part and protect the bees and the environment by obtaining products from reputable companies. Like when seeking to have a beehive removed, finding a company with the best interests of the bees in mind is essential to their continued survival. There are professionals with years of experience and techniques that are least disruptive, and it is always best to find the right people for the task. If you are in Irvine, Temecula, San Diego and surrounding areas and need help with any bee issues, contact DTek Live Bee Removal today.