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Top Five Uses for Honey

top five uses of honey

When people think of bees, they tend to also envision the delicious, sweet liquid that they produce. Honey is a tasty product that is used in a wide array of manners. Some people use it to sweeten tea while others prefer to use it in recipes as a healthier substitute to sugar. There are some interesting uses for the liquid with which you might not be familiar, however, and you might be surprised at just how useful raw honey can be.

Let’s take a look at five of the top uses for honey!

Help Soothe Stomach Woes

Did you know that honey can be used to help soothe stomach issues? It’s true! Honey can be particularly useful when it comes to aiding indigestion, for example, and a tablespoon or two can really help counteract its negative effects. Honey can also be used to help settle an upset stomach and reduce nausea. 

Achieve Glowing Skin

Honey can be a great addition to your skincare routine! It might seem a bit counterintuitive given that sugar is known to create skin troubles rather than aid them, but honey can help cure acne and serve as an excellent exfoliator. You can use honey as a cleanser, too, that is gentle on even sensitive skin.

Boost Hair Health

In addition to making a great addition to your skincare routine, honey can help give your hair health a boost, too! Using raw honey as a hair mask can improve both the softness and shine of your hair. 

Heal Minor Wounds

When it comes to natural products that heal wounds, your mind might immediately go to aloe vera. Honey, however, can also be used to help reduce the healing time associated with minor issues such as abrasions, wounds, and rashes. You can even use it over mild burns. 

Calm a Sore Throat

Finally, honey can be an excellent home remedy to help soothe a sore throat. You might consider adding some to a calming or peppermint tea in order to help boost its impact, however it can also be used on its own. Try swallowing some to help coat your throat and ease any aches and pains you might be experiencing. 

Do you have access to quality raw honey? If so, make sure that you take advantage of the many different uses it has! From skincare to wound care, honey is a great all-in-one cure.