Top Three Reasons to Find a Reputable Bee Removal Company

Finding an exceptional bee removal company with experience and a solid reputation for excellent quality work is growing in necessity. In California, working with and hiring a professional bee company removes the stress of having a live hive removed from a property or location. A thorough and effective relocation will last and not have residual bees that attempt to re-develop in the same place. As bees are gaining popularity and more recognize their contributions to the ecosystem. Pollination allows us to enjoy products (and all foods, to be honest), and bees are way more essential to human survival than imagined.

Professional and Thorough Bee Removal Companies Are Worth Every Penny

Are there companies that will come and whack a hive down for free? Probably. Even though California recently named four bumblebee species as protected, it will take time for everyone to comply. It is in property owner’s best interests to only hire reputable, experienced, and qualified bee removal companies in California. Find a local bee removal company that can also relocate the bees to the area where they can continue pollinating and providing local honey. In doing so, there are significant health benefits for those in the vicinity with allergies and other ailments in which honey has been found to provide relief.

The best bee-related companies understand that bees can’t be everywhere. Sometimes, measures must be taken to control where they build hives. In some cases, they need to be removed and relocated. Experience is vital in these situations because a local bee company will have relationships with other local beekeepers and be able to easily find a new home for the hive, allowing a smooth transition to keep the hive healthy when adding it to a new bee community. Experts in bees willingly share information because genuine bee enthusiasts are invested in the bee’s well-being above their own interests. These reputable companies understand it will take a village to provide the bees the protection they need while working collaboratively to do their parts.

Excellent Beekeepers Protect the Environment

One of the main reasons people should consider hiring a reputable and professional bee company is to have hives removed carefully with the intention of relocation. Bee populations are on the decline, although they are essential to the environment and the pollination process. Although some may be tempted to remove a hive carelessly without regard for its ability to survive, that mindset needs to shift as we are challenged to find ways to maintain a healthy environment. The little buzzers are an essential part of that. Bees often get a bad rap because there are such strong reactions to being stung, but since bees are not naturally aggressive, they provide much more benefit than potential harm.

Although there are several pollinators, bees are one of the most essential groups that keep the process going. Finding ways to keep bee communities healthy and thriving without interfering in the natural process is an approach that offers multiple benefits. Local gardeners, Farmer’s Market, livestock, and other living things depend on the work of the bees. Without food, we will not survive, and part of that survival includes being more thoughtful about how we treat “pests” and bees, more specifically. Using pesticides appropriately can have an incredible impact on a beehive, and often people do not realize spraying plants in flowering can actually poison bees and kill entire hives. So, if you must use a pesticide, call a local bee company that can help you determine an effective yet safe way to manage your needs. Cheaper and faster is not better!

BEEing Kind Is The Law

Recently, the state of California classified four species of bumblebees as protected under the California Endangered Species Act. This means that now the law protects bees, and it is not just the right thing to do; it is the law. Whether or not you agree with adding bees to the protected species list, it isn’t worth getting fined for not taking measures to safely relocate bees when an active hive needs to be removed.

In responsibly finding solutions to bee relocation, we can collectively do our part to grow and maintain healthy bee colonies. Honey, beeswax, pollination, and serving as critical elements in healthy foliage yield better flowers, plants, and gardens, strengthening our resilient yet fragile environments.

DTek Bee Removal has been in business in Southern California for many years, providing the highest quality bee removal and relocation available in the area. Additionally, the local honey they provide continues to strengthen community ties through providing guidance to local beekeepers, offering expert advice, and sharing experiences that help everyone. The local honey the growing bee enthusiasts community provides means more yummy goodness and medicinal benefits for the surrounding areas.