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When you hear that familiar buzz of bees, your first instinct might be to panic. After all, a bee sting can be quite unpleasant and a swarm of bees can be very scary. Stay calm! Most bees won’t attack unless their nests or colonies are being threatened. And those swarms of bees? Sure they might be unnerving, but swarming bees are generally not harmful. In fact, bee swarms are usually rather docile. 

Even with these facts, it’s smart to know what to do if you come across some unhappy bees. We’ve got some of our best tips to help you stay safe, while also protecting our precious bee populations. 

5 Tips to Stay Safe When You Encounter Bees 

Stay Calm and Don’t Swat

The thought of an impending bee sting can cause your natural fight-or-flight instincts to kick in. You may be tempted to swat at the little guy, but this is never a good idea. Bees are often attracted to your scent or to sweet drinks and typically aren’t meaning any harm. But as soon as you swat at them, they sense danger and the probability of a sting is much greater. The best course of action is to stay still and wait for the bee to move on.  

Never Disturb a Nest

If you see bees entering and exiting a crevice in trees, rocks or buildings, just assume that there is a nest inside. That nest may house hundreds or even thousands of bees, including the precious queen. Your best bet is to slowly move away from the scene. In most cases, you should opt to leave them alone and let them do their thing. However, if the nest has caused property damage or puts humans in danger, call your local live bee removal experts. The professionals at D-Tek Live Bee Removal will safely and humanely rehome the bees with a local beekeeper. 

Heed the Warnings 

When bees start acting strangely, it pays to listen. If you notice bees swarming over your head or beginning to bump into you, they are warning you that they don’t like your behavior. The best thing to do is get out of there as fast as possible. 


Now, if you happen to disturb a bee’s nest, get ready to bolt! Staying still and batting at the bees won’t end well for you. The more fuss you make, the more bees will emerge and the more stings you will receive. Run as fast as you can to shelter like a car or indoor space that can be secured. Protect your face to avoid stings in your eyes and mouth. If you are unable to find adequate shelter, keep running until the bees give up and stop chasing you. Keep in mind that this could be up to a half a mile or more!  

Water Won’t Help

Many people think that jumping into a pool or lake will protect them from a swarm of angry bees. This is not true! Bees will wait for you to resurface, resulting in the potential for bee stings to your face and in your nose, mouth and eyes. There was even one recent news story where bees swarmed for several hours, stinging their victim every time he came up for air. 

D-Tek Live Bee Removal Can Help 

Bees are important pieces of our ecosystem. Without them, our food supply would be vastly different than it is today. These great pollinators need to be protected. We can all help by knowing how to react to an unexpected bee’s nest or swarm. 

If you have a nest on your property that is causing harm to your home or your family, do not hesitate to call the professionals at D-Tek Live Bee Removal. Our team of bee removal and repair experts know just how to handle a dangerous bee situation. When you need live bee removal in San Diego and San Diego County, D-Tek Live Bee Removal should be the first call you make.