bees following human

Did you know that bees have been considered signs of wealth, wisdom and good luck since the ancient times? Bees play a significant role in the mythology of ancient Greeks and Egyptians as symbols of life and love. In fact, the common name Melissa comes from the Greek meaning queen bee! With credentials like that, you’d think that the idea of being followed by a bee would be a welcome one.

Instead, many people today run for the hills when tailed by a buzzing bee. Sure, many people consider themselves to suffer from apiphobia, the fear of bees. And plenty of others who are allergic to bee stings. But for most people, the unpleasant buzzing and the potential for pain are enough to make bees unwanted suitors.

So if bees are not attempting to deliver sacks of cash, there must be another reason why they keep following us. Have you ever wondered why bees are attracted to some people more than others? In this post, we want to share some reasons why bees might be following you and how you can prevent an unwanted bee sting.

Why Are Bees Attracted to You?

If you were hoping we would say it’s because of your rugged good looks, we have some bad news for you. There are a few reasons why bees are attracted to humans, and they primarily have to do with scent and color. Let’s explore why bees follow us around!

You smell sweet.

One of the primary jobs of a honey bee is to collect sweet nectar from flowers to use as food for the colony. Naturally, when they smell something sugary, they want to check it out. Honey bees are attracted to sweet, sugary smells like those that come from soft drinks and fruits. They also enjoy the sweet scents of certain lotions, perfumes and hair products, especially those that resemble the aroma of flowers.

You smell like sweat.

Humans don’t love the smell of sweat. That’s why the deodorant and antiperspirant industry is so big! But do you know who does? If you guessed bees, you are correct. Bees known as halictids, or sweat bees, are attracted to the scent of perspiration. They are usually darker in color, with a metallic appearance and hints of green or red. 

You look like a flower.

You may have heard people say that fashion is pain. Although we disagree with this sentiment, when it comes to bees, it could be true. Bees are especially attracted to patterns and colors that resemble those of a flower. For the most part, bees will leave you alone after realizing that your Hawaiian shirt is not an actual source of nectar. However, bright and floral patterns will make you a high-priority destination for honey bees.

You made the bee mad.

Of course, if you’ve bothered a bee, there’s a good chance that they will let you know it. Bees want to protect their hive, queen and honey supplies. When threatened, bees will defend themselves. Certain species of bees have even been known to chase humans for more than a quarter of a mile!

5 Tips for Avoiding a Bee Sting

Now that we know why bees follow us let’s share a few tips on how to avoid a nasty sting. We can’t control bees, but we can take certain measures to help prevent an unwanted encounter. Want to steer clear of bee stings? Follow these tried and true tips!

  1. Avoid wearing floral and sweet perfumes when outdoors.
  2. Do not attempt to remove a nest on your own. Consult with a professional bee removal company if you find a hive or swarm on your property.
  3. If a bee is following you, resist the urge to swat. It is better to stay still and wait for the bee to move along.
  4. When eating outdoors, cover your food and any sweet beverages. Bees may enter soda cans and sting you in the mouth.
  5. Do not walk barefoot in the grass. Many bee species build their nests underground.

Bees Need to Be Respected

Bees play an essential role in our ecosystem and need to be respected and protected. Even if you think that bees are a nuisance, it’s vital that we take measures to protect ourselves and bees when we come in contact with each other. Now that you know why bees might be attracted to you and how to avoid a bee sting, we hope that you can stay safe while protecting our precious bee population.

If you have an unwanted bee swarm, hive or infestation on your property, call D-Tek Live Bee Removal of San Diego to learn how we can help remove your bee problem safely, humanely and affordably.