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If you have a honey bee problem at your home, chances are pretty good that you’ve already Googled “how to get rid of honey bees in your home.” But, we bet you haven’t considered what you shouldn’t do to safely and effectively rid your home of a bee infestation. 

Read on to learn about the top 4 ways that people try to remove bees that just don’t work. If you were considering any of these techniques, stop right where you are and call D-Tek Live Bee Removal. We have been leading the San Diego County area with the best live bee removal practices that are safe, humane and effective. With us, you can save time, money and frustration! 

Attempting to do the job yourself. 

When we talk about a bee infestation, we aren’t talking about 20-30 buzzing bees. Most bee infestations can involve tens of thousands of bees. And when they have been agitated, they can mean serious business! Established bee colonies and large hives can pose a big danger to humans and structures. Bee stings can be lethal, especially for those who are allergic to bee venom. Large hives can be very heavy, causing damage to the structure of your home. 

All of these factors make it very dangerous and difficult to get rid of the bees on your own. The job requires specialized equipment and extensive knowledge to be done right. There is a lot of labor that goes into it, and most novices would not be able to remove their bees safely and effectively. 

Ignoring the problem. 

While it might seem like the easiest strategy, ignoring the problem is never a good idea. Left to their own devices, the hives will continue to grow and cause damage to your home. As we mentioned earlier, hives can get very heavy as they grow. Honey, beeswax and the honey bees themselves can put heavy pressure on your beams, pipes and walls, resulting in severe damage that could put your family at risk. 

Seal up the access points. 

Sealing up the access points might seem like the best way to prevent the bees from getting in and out. Problem solved, right? Wrong! 

If you see bees entering your home through a crack, seam or hole, do not attempt to seal or cover up the cavity. While you may notice less activity for a short time, the bees are still alive and well inside, and they will find a way out. And they will do whatever it takes to escape. Honey bees can chew through your drywall and cause even more damage to your home. In most cases, homeowners will notice that bees have entered their homes from their hidden cavity.  

Using soap, smoke or water to relocate the bees. 

Another bad idea when it comes to bee removal is using substances such as water, soap, smoke or sprays to encourage the bees to relocate. Often, these remedies don’t work or even make the problem worse. For example, it is not uncommon for residents who use smoke to drive the bees out to inadvertently push the bees deeper into the home. 

Plus, these methods can cause unnecessary harm to the bees. We all know the value of honey bees for our ecosystem, and we should choose methods that preserve and protect bees. 

San Diego Bee Problem? Call D-Tek Live Bee Removal 

The best thing to do when you are facing a bee problem in San Diego is to call in the professionals! Choose a live bee removal company that has extensive experience removing bees in your community. With one call to D-Tek Live Bee Removal, our technicians will come out to your home and assess the situation. Using only the safest and most humane techniques, they will remove your bees alive and well so they can be rehomed at a local apiary. 

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