bee removal in san diego

Bees rarely show up at your home with an invitation or advanced notice. In fact, they usually appear out of nowhere! Before you know it, you have a major infestation on your hands. 

When bees land at your home or business, it can cause a lot of stress, especially for those who are allergic to bee stings. But we don’t want to completely eradicate them because of their role in pollination. Honey bees are responsible for the reproduction of many types of plants, including much of the food we eat around the globe. 

And don’t forget about honey! Not only is it a delicious addition to many dishes, it can be used in a variety of health and skincare products. 

Knowing how important bees are to our ecosystem, many of our customers call us because they are unsure about what they should do when faced with bees on their property. In this article, we are going to provide you with some tips for staying bee safe when you have bees. 

If your bee problem is more like an infestation, give us a call at D-Tek Live Bee Removal today. Our expert technicians will come to your property right away and give you an honest assessment of your bee situation and a fair quote for services. With our team, you can have the peace of mind you need to live and do business safely and comfortably. 

4 Tips for Staying Bee Safe 

Find out if you are allergic to bees. 

If you have bees on your property or if you think you might come in frequent contact with bees, you should check to see if you are allergic to bee venom. Visit your doctor for an allergy test. In most cases, your doctor will inject a small amount of venom into your arm or back to see if a lump appears. If so, you are allergic to bee venom. Your doctor may also take a blood sample that is sent to a lab for testing. 

If you find out that you are allergic to bees, you can make better choices when it comes to bee protection. You can take measures that offer greater protection, like carrying an EpiPen. 

Avoid agitating bees.

Most people wouldn’t dream of knowingly disrupting a bee hive. It usually happens completely by mistake! Honey bees typically want to live in peace, and will rarely attack humans or pets unless they have been agitated first. However, we often hear about home or business owners who try to rid their properties of bees by spraying them with a hose, swatting them with a broom or applying a chemical insecticide. 

These methods will not solve your bee problem, nor are they safe for bees. Instead, you should call professionals in live bee removal to safely and humanely remove your bees and relocate them to an apiary. 

Avoid attracting bees

Did you know that there are certain things you can wear that will attract bees to you? Some colors will attract honey bees, such as bright colors that look like flowers. Avoid wearing floral patterned shirts or even shiny jewelry – both are bee attractors. Perfumes and lotions can also attract honey bees who may mistake your Calvin Klein for a California poppy. 

Know how to handle bee stings 

You can’t always control when you will encounter a bee hive. If you do come across one, it’s best to know how to treat a bee sting quickly in order to avoid some of the nastier consequences. When you cross some bees, you want to stay calm. Losing your cool could result in even more bee stings! Remove the stinger as quickly as possible to prevent more venom from entering your skin. Then, wash the area with a mild soap and water to eliminate the scent that could attract other bees. 

We can live in harmony with bees if we take some time to educate ourselves on bee behavior. Anytime you notice an increase in bee activity near your home or business, call a professional live bee removal company right away. They can handle the problem and keep you, your family and the bees safe and sound.