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Top Five Uses for Honey

top five uses of honey

When people think of bees, they tend to also envision the delicious, sweet liquid that they produce. Honey is a tasty product that is used in a wide array of manners. Some people use it to sweeten tea while others prefer to use it in recipes as a healthier substitute to sugar. There are some…

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What Exactly is Honey?

what is honey

Honey is a popular product that can be used in food and skincare alike. Many people love to buy honey to have in their tea or even to spread over their toast – but do you know what exactly honey is and how it is created? Many don’t, and that’s only natural. It makes sense…

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What are Honey Bees Like?

what are honey bees like

Depending upon where you live, you’ve probably seen bees before. It’s even possible that you’ve experienced their sting and can recognize them on site. Do you know what bees actually are, however, and why they are important to the health of the ecosystem and humans alike? Many people just see a buzzing insect with a…

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