The City of Carlsbad Under Fire for Harsh Treatment of Bees

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Carlsbad residents are accusing the City of Carlsbad of mindlessly and carelessly handling bee concerns, treating undesirable hive locations with toxic pesticides, and disregarding bees’ critical role in the environmental process. Although the accusations are harsh, Carlsbad residents, who live in arguably one of the nation’s most beautiful areas, are demanding more care and intentionality when working with bees. As California has numerous measures and legislature in place regarding bee protection and preservation, the treatment of bees should carry throughout northern and southern areas, especially the beautiful city of Carlsbad.

Carlsbad City Worker Caught Red-Handed Killing Bees

Carlsbad residents claim that city contractors are directed to address bee concerns in and near utility boxes using pesticides to remove delays in work completion instead of using a bee removal company.

One of the most disturbing things that a Carlsbad resident reported is that one city worker had pesticide readily available in the City of Carlsbad work truck and did not hesitate to use it on a beehive that was “in the way” in a utility box. City workers have responded that using pesticides on bees is not illegal (although it depends on the bee!) and that it is a safety measure for their jobs. Since much work is fixed cost, the expense of having a beehive professionally removed adds time and money to any project.

City workers have claimed that their response to bee activity stems from resident concerns, often complaints about aggressive bees on walking, biking, and hiking trails. The City of Carlsbad’s spokesperson confirmed that using pesticides is the first step in these situations. Although they understand the declining bee population concerns in California and the nation, having a professional bee removal company is a last resort. Carlsbad residents who are sensitive to the treatment of bees in the area are demanding a different approach.

Maintenance Plan Using Beekeepers to Address Areas of Concern

Some qualified and experienced beekeepers have rallied and want to become part of the solution, working with the city to address areas of concern and safely relocate hives. With a climate and population crisis for bees, it is critical to find better solutions than just eliminating the problem with poison that has adverse effects beyond decimating beehives. Pollinators include bees but are not the only ones, and using toxic pesticides may have devastating effects on pollination in general. Residents argue that the state has made such strides in protecting bees that this movement should carry forward into all areas of the state, including the handling of bees by city workers and maintenance crews.

Carlsbad residents want to know why city workers are exempt from the rules of engagement with precious pollinators.

Solutions to Misplaced Beehives That Must Be Removed

The proposal is to notify local bee removal companies when a hive is identified, allowing for professional removal instead of the quick and deadly solutions currently being used.

Additionally, the city is encouraged to establish a preventative maintenance program in which beekeepers with local bee removal companies patrol known problem areas or areas where large amounts of work are set to occur. Proactive identification and removals allow work to begin on time but take a little more effort on the front end. Preventative measures can help workers get the job done safely, save the bees and allow natural pollination in Carlsbad.

Local bee removalists can work with city workers to develop these maintenance plans. The City of Carlsbad may also consider having a beekeeper on staff or contracted to be on call as needs arise. A reputable beekeeper to check areas ahead of scheduled work locations allows for seamless work timelines and access for city workers.

Bee Removal Versus Pesticide Poisoning

Using the removal method versus the killing method allows continued pollination on the trails of Carlsbad. Pollination encourages larger blooms of wildflowers and plant revival in Carlsbad, only adding to its already natural beauty, which draws in tourists worldwide.

Carlsbad Homeowners Should Follow Bee Friendly Protocol When Addressing Hive Concerns on Property

Carlsbad homeowners should be held to the same standard of addressing bee concerns near their homes and properties. It is safe to assume that store-bought pesticides are not bee-friendly and should be avoided. Even pesticides on flowers and blooming plants can have devastating effects on all pollinators. Critical pollinators are necessary for food production. Carlsbad residents should work with a local beekeeper and removal company to address beehives that are of concern. DTek Live Bee Removal has helped residents and companies in Carlsbad and surrounding areas safely remove beehives and relocate them. It is critical to keep bees healthy and not kill them anytime they pose an inconvenience.