what is honey

We all know (and love) honey. It’s the perfect addition to our tea and oatmeal and it’s even great on its own as a healthy and sweet snack. Honey is also commonly used as a facial or hair mask, known for its exceptional moisturizing and antibacterial qualities.

Honey has been around for quite a while! One of the first fossilized honeycombs dates back to about 3 million years ago. There are even records of humans removing honey from a hive in Spain dating back to about 15,000 years ago.

And while we all know that bees make honey, do you know what honey is and how it’s actually made?

What is Honey and How is It Made?

Honey is a golden liquid that is produced by bees using the nectar they collect from flowers and other plants. Honey is a truly fascinating substance, but first let’s talk about how bees produce honey in the first place.

During the warmer months, bees are busy collecting nectar from flowers and storing it in their stomachs. Nectar, a sugary liquid, becomes a very hardy substance when it is mixed with all of the enzymes found in the stomach of a bee. This is good news, because the nectar will need to be stored in the honeycomb for the winter months. More about this later!

After filling up with nectar, a bee heads back to the hive where it will pass along the nectar to another bee by regurgitating it into her mouth. Eventually, the nectar will make its way to the honeycomb. At this point, the nectar is still very much a liquid, not like the honey that we are used to. In order to remove the excess liquid in the nectar, bees will begin to vigorously move their wings, fanning the nectar and evaporating the water.

Now honey is in a sustainable form, sealed away in the honeycomb for the bees to use for food in the winter months.

Honey is remarkable in so many ways. Its color, texture and taste vary depending on the flower where the bee got its nectar. Different types of honey include clover, linden, buckwheat and eucalyptus – just to name a few.

Did you know…? Facts About Honey

There are a ton of interesting facts about honey. Here are just a couple more of our favorites!

Honey Won’t Go Bad

Honey is one food you won’t have to worry about spoiling. In fact, it has been reported that honey has been found intact in Egyptian tombs dating back several thousand years.

Why doesn’t it spoil? Honey is acidic. It’s also very low in moisture (remember the wing flapping thing mentioned above?) and so it is an antibacterial substance.

Honey is Medicine

Because of its naturally antibacterial properties, honey has been used as medicine since the days of Mesopotamia. Honey can help heal wounds and treat dandruff and allergies. It has also been used to treat acne and other skin conditions.

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